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    Wander the City in Your Black Hoodie: 15 Looks

    Streetwear outfit style is all about comfort and coziness (grey, white or black hoodie, grey or black sweatpants) to have a nice walk with friends, get some pictures and enjoy the free time. Oversized clothes, comfy shoes are a big part of this outfit and they make sure you have your best time wandering with friends.

    This type of outfits make it really interesting to have some nice pictures and walk in the streets giggling with your friends and drinking milkshake!

    We have a list of 15 streetwear outfits which you can scroll and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Cozy Outfit with a Blazer

    This girl’s whole outfit looks really comfortable. This is an outfit for warm weather to just walk and enjoy the beautiful panorama. The white tank top, denim shorts, sneakers and the blazer make a great casual outfit in which you can surely have lots and lots of stunning pictures.

    Streetwear outfit ideas. Streetwear style, cozy outfit with a blazer

    2. Zip Up Sweater, Leather Shorts and Coat

    Leather shorts are actually really fancy and comfy. You will surely have nice pictures in them. The sweater is really cute with the knit hat and the long coat. Coats are actually very trendy. They keep you warm and, at the same time, they are very beautiful and look cool.

    Streetwear outfit ideas, streetwear style, zip up sweater, leather shorts and coat

    3. Black Jeans and Black Puffer Jacket

    Puffer jackets are so sporty and adorable. They will never let any cold get to you! This all black outfit is very simple, and nearly everyone will have black clothing pieces lying in their wardrobe.

    Streetwear outfit, streetwear casual style, black jeans and black puffer jacket

    4. Hoodie, Leggings and Puffer Vest

    Hoodie and puffer vest are always a great pair. This gret hoodie is very warm, you can also wear black hoodie, or white one. Any color you like with this puffer vest which gives that extra warmth and comfort to keep you away from any cold. You can wear this type of outfit and have a nice time wandering with your friends if it’s chilly outside.

    Streetwear clothing, streetwear outfit, hoodie, leggings and puffer vest

    5. Blouse, Knit Sweater and Jeans

    Sounds like a normal casual outfit, which it is. This is another type of outfit which will be warm enough for chilly weather and you don’t have to worry about being warm, but at the same time looking cute. In this type of outfit you will surely look cute!

    Streetwear outfit, streetwear style, blouse, knit sweater and jeans

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    6. Mom Jeans with Blouse and Knit Sweater

    Mom jeans and flare leg jeans are really trendy in 2021-2022. In this outfit you will be in your perfect comfort zone and you will look really stylish. You can wear either boots or sneakers with this outfit. This girl is wearing sneakers and the colors go perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

    Streetwear outfit, streetwear style, 6. Mom jeans with blouse and knit sweater

    7. Hoodie, Leather Jacket and Black Jeans

    For some reason black jeans seem to prevail in streetwear outfit style. They look great especially for chilly weather and they’re also very comfortable. The leather jacket is warm and cozy. You can have a great photoshoot in this outfit.

    Streetwear outfit, streetwear style, hoodie, leather jacket and black jeans

    8. Brown Leather Jacket and Beige Flare Pants

    I really like this color combination! This outfit and the colors are really appealing to the eye. This brown leather jacket looks amazing with the flare leg pants and nike shoes which are green/white.

    Streetwear outfit, streetwear style, brown leather jacket and beige flare leg pants

    9. Black Crop Top and Short Joggers

    This top is so cute. This set looks comfortable and I’m sure it actually is! This outfit is for warm weather but if it’s chilly you can wear a light coat or a jacket over this and you’ll be good!

    Streetwear style, streetwear clothes, black crop top and short joggers

    10. Sweater, Teddy Vest and Wide Leg Pants

    The green and light beige really compliment each other. This half green vest is very warm and soft. This outfit is very very cute. You will surely get nice pics in it!

    Streetwear outfit ideas, streetwear style, 10. Sweater, teddy vest and wide leg pants

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    11. Oversized and Tomboyish Style

    Oversized sweatshirt, oversized pants, oversized coat. A very comfy and nice style for a good walk. The colors are really great together. You will feel very cozy in this type of outfit and your friends will appreciate your look a lot!

    Streetwear outfit idea, streetwear style, 11. Oversized and tomboyish style

    12. Joggers and Coat

    Like we’ve talked before coats are great for any ocassion. They’re great for chilly weather and very comfortable. This outfit is very cool and worth putting on and going outside.

    Streetwear outfit, streetwear style, joggers and coat

    13. Blouse, Knit Vest and Leather Pants

    This outfit is classy but it’s extremely comfy. In a nice sweater vest women look surprisingly elegant and appropriately dressed for any occasion. This girl is slaying this outfit and you will too! Vests are very trendy now and this beige vest with a blouse, leather pants and some combat boots is exactly what you need for a nice photoshoot.

    Streetwear style, streetwear outfit, blouse, knit vest and leather pants

    14. Knit Turtleneck, Blazer, Grey Sweatpants

    This is the type of style that you can’t guess: is it sporty, is it classy, is it casual? Let me tell you that this outfit is everything put together. This is the most comfortable and cute pieces thrown together and made a nice idea for walking in the streets and enjoying a nice evening.

    Streetwear outfit. Streetwear style, knit turtleneck, joggers, blazer

    15. Black Outfit and Warm Coat

    Winter outfit idea and streetwear style outfit which looks amazing. There is not going on with this outfit but it looks awesome and you will like your daily look after watching the pictures!

    Streetwear outfit idea, streetwear style, black outfit and warm coat

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