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    Styling Tennis Skirt: 40 Great Ideas

    Tennis skirt might be the most comfortable and lightweight clothing piece for summer, when it’s hot, and you are in the mood for something really flowy, simple, sporty, and still cute and stylish. With a nice simple tennis skirt, pleated skirt you will always look stylish and you will never feel out of place, uncomfortable and down. Tennis skirts usually have little shorts underneath and they are skorts most of the time. So it makes them a lot more comfortable. No wind can blow them out and make you uncomfortable.

    Tennis skirts are not only for playing tennis nowadays. People like to wear them as a casual outfit piece on everyday basis all the time. Pairing them with a nice top, anything you like, can change your whole look and make you be ready for any occasion. You can dress them down with some sneakers, converse shoes, nike shoes, or dress them up with a pair of cute flats, heels, or heeled sandals. So there are no limits to these beautiful skirts and you can experiment with them a lot.

    So go ahead and check out these outfit ideas, to find your perfect summer 2022 outfit, and don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Plaid Pleated Beige Skirt with White Cardigan Top

    Tennis skirt, plaid pleated beige skirt with white cardigan top

    White Flowy Tennis-Beach Skirt and Black Tank Top

    Tennis skirt, white flowy tennis-beach skirt and black tank top

    White Pleated Cute Skirt, Beige Knit Tank Top and Cropped Jacket

    Tennis skirt, white pleated cute skirt, beige knit tank top and cropped jacket

    Black Pleated Paperbag Skirt with Blouse and Knit Cardigan

    Tennis skirt, black pleated paperbag skirt with blouse and knit cardigan

    Nike Pleated White Skirt and Baggy Knit Sweater

    Tennis skirt, nike pleated white skirt and baggy knit sweater

    Dark Navy Blue Skirt and Layered Sweater Look

    Tennis skirt, dark navy blue skirt and layered sweater look

    White Flowy Summer Skirt and Black Oversized Sweatshirt

    Tennis skirt, white flowy summer skirt and black oversized sweatshirt

    Pleated Back-to-School Skirt and White Turtleneck with Teddy Jacket

    Tennis skirt, pleated back-to-school skirt and white turtleneck with teddy jacket

    Tennis Black Skirt and Grey Oversized Sweatshirt: Sporty Vintage Aesthetic

    Tennis skirt and grey oversized sweatshirt: sporty vintage aesthetic

    White and Comfy Tennis Outfit Set

    Tennis skirt, white tennis outfit set

    Tennis Skirt Outfits for Summer to Look Amazing and to Feel So Light and Comfortable: White Tennis Skirt Outfits, Black Tennis Skirt Outfits, Pleated Skirt Outfits that are So Comfortable and Stylish for Summer 2022

    Pastel Plaid Pleated Cute Skirt and White Turtleneck

    Tennis skirt, pastel plaid pleated cute skirt and white turtleneck

    Pleated Cute Mini Skirt and Oversized Grey Sweatshirt

    Tennis skirt, pleated cute mini skirt and oversized grey sweatshirt

    Black Pleated Tennis Mini Skirt and Zip Up Crop Top

    Tennis skirt, black pleated tennis mini skirt and zip up crop top

    Pleated Lavender Skirt and Cute Black Crop Top

    Tennis skirt, pleated lavender skirt and cute black crop top

    Pleated White Tennis Skirt and Beige Zip Up Tank Top

    Tennis skirt, pleated white tennis skirt and beige zip up tank top

    Layered Vest Look with White Pleated Mini Skirt

    Tennis skirt, layered vest look with white pleated mini skirt

    Pleated Tennis Mini Skirt and Cropped Hoodie

    Tennis skirt, pleated tennis mini skirt and cropped hoodie

    Cute Baby Pink Top with Puffy Sleeves, and Pleated White Skirt

    Tennis skirt, cute baby pink top with puffy sleeves, and pleated white skirt

    Pink Pleated High-Waisted Skirt and White Corset Top

    Tennis skirt, pink pleated high-waisted skirt and white corset top

    Black Mini Tennis Skort and Button-up Shirt with Cropped Jacket

    Tennis skirt, black mini tennis skort and button-up shirt with cropped jacket

    Hippie Girl Outfits with Tennis Skirt, Aesthetic Outfit Ideas and Vintage Outfit Ideas with Pleated Skirt and Beautiful Unique Tops, Baggy Outfits to Pair with White Tennis Skirt, Black Tennis Skirt, Soft Girl Outfits for Summer 2022: Always Look Gorgeous with Tennis Skirt Outfits

    Baby Blue Pleated Mini Skirt and Cropped Sweatshirt

    Tennis skirt, baby blue pleated mini skirt and cropped sweatshirt

    White Pleated Flowy Skirt and Green Baggy Sweatshirt

    Tennis skirt, white pleated flowy skirt and green baggy sweatshirt

    Staticky White Skirt and One Sleeve Crop Top

    Tennis skirt, staticky white skirt and one sleeve crop top

    White Pleated Loose Skirt and Pastel Striped Crop Top

    Tennis skirt, white pleated loose skirt and pastel striped crop top

    Mid-Length Pleated White Skirt and Knit Baggy Sweater

    Tennis skirt, mid-length pleated white skirt and knit baggy sweater

    Lime Green Cute Tennis Outfit Set

    Tennis skirt, lime green cute tennis outfit set

    Baby Blue Pleated High-Waisted Skirt and One Sleeve Crop Top

    Tennis skirt, baby blue pleated high-waisted skirt and one sleeve crop top

    White Pleated Cute Mini Skirt and Baggy Oversized Sweatshirt

    Tennis skirt, white pleated cute mini skirt and baggy oversized sweatshirt

    Black Tennis Outfit Set with Mini Skort

    Tennis skirt, black tennis outfit set with mini skort

    White Pleated Tennis Skirt and Striped Collar Sweater

    Tennis skirt, white pleated tennis skirt and striped collar sweater

    Lavender Mini Tennis Skort and Cream White Cropped T Shirt

    Tennis skirt, lavender mini tennis skort and cream white cropped t shirt

    Colorful Outfit Idea with Pleated Bright Pink Skirt and Sky Blue Cropped Tank Top

    Tennis skirt, colorful outfit idea

    Peach Beige Pleated Tennis Skort and Black Square Neckline Top

    Tennis skirt, peach beige pleated tennis skort and black square neckline top

    Black and White Plaid Pleated Skort and White Aesthetic Tank Top

    Tennis skirt, black and white plaid pleated skort and white aesthetic tank top

    Sporty White Nike Tennis Set

    Tennis skirt, sporty white nike tennis set

    Black Pleated Paperbag Skirt and Long Lavender Cardigan

    Tennis skirt, black pleated paperbag skirt and long lavender cardigan

    All White Outfit: Cute Pleated White Skirt and White Cropped Tank Top

    Tennis skirt, cute pleated white skirt and white cropped tank top

    Light Grey Pleated Skort, White Tank Top with Cropped Denim Jacket

    Tennis skirt, light grey pleated skort, white tank top with cropped denim jacket

    White Tennis Skort and Bright Blue Oversized Sweatshirt

    Tennis skirt, white tennis skort and bright blue oversized sweatshirt

    Sage Blue Pleated Tennis Skort and Cropped T Shirt

    Tennis skirt, sage blue pleated tennis skort and cropped t shirt

    If you enjoy this type of outfit ideas, summer clothing ideas, and you had a hard time finding your own style among these outfits, you’d better check out our other posts, where we made sure to include any style and any item, to suit your character, your style and your mood. You can do so by clicking on long shorts outfits for summer, flowy dresses, the cutest crochet set outfit ideas, outfits with zebra pants and plaid pants, and many more, and you will definitely find what you are desperately looking for.

    Thank you for checkin out our outfit ideas, beauty hacks and styling guides!

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