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    Split Dye Hair Ideas: 25 Cool Hair Looks

    If you follow hair color trends, then you have probably seen this split dye hair trend, which has been going crazy viral lately. And even if you don’t like following the trends, you have most likely met someone on the street with this type of hair color. And if you have been curious about this type of hair color, how to get it, what colors you can do, then we are here to help you find out.

    This trend is a little crazy, a liitle extra, and if that is clearly describing you, then this is the best time to see what we have to offer. The most common color combination is jet black and platinum blonde. Sometimes, you don’t need to do really really dark black and really light and ashy platinum blonde. You can just keep it dark brown and cool blonde. But for more intensity and more color contrast, which will give you that “day and night” difference, you have to go a little crazy and do jet black and really cool toned blonde.

    Besides black and white, there are other color cobinations, that look great as a hair color. One of them is purple and pink. These two colors are actually similar to each other, but if you do a really dark purple and bright and vibrant pink, then you will have the ultimate coolest hair color ever.

    One color combination for split dye hair which is also really common, edgy and cool, is black and red hair color combination. Red is a gorgeous hair color, and red and black contrast is so eyecatching and cool. So if you are thinking about coloring your hair red, then maybe this idea will entice you, and you will go a little extra and do this red and black color combination.

    The other combinations which are also cool, edgy, yet bright and colorful, are pink and blue, yellow and coral, blonde and ginger. All these hair colors are for the people who are willing to take the risk and commit to these cool hair colors. If you are someone like that, then these hair color combinations are here for you!

    There is one more idea for split dye hair, too, which you might like. That is monochromatic colors. For example, pastel pink and bright pink, light blue and aqua blue, lavender and lilac, etc. These are also fun to do and they look gorgeous.

    So go ahead, scroll through these coolest ideas to find out whether split dyed hair trend is for you, and whether you are brave and extra enough to commit to these color combinations. And don’t forget to get your daily stylesoverdose!

    Ash Blonde and Dark Brown

    Ash blonde and dark brown split dye hair

    Dark Purple and Pink

    Dark purple and pink split dye hair

    Vibrant Red and Jet Black

    Vibrant red and jet black split dye hair

    Neon Pink and Blue

    Neon pink and blue split dye hair

    Soft and Natural Brown and Blonde

    Brown and blonde split dye hair

    Yellow and Coral

    Yellow and coral split dye hair

    Pink and Aqua Blue

    Pink and aqua blue split dye hair

    Lilac and Lavender

    Lilac and lavender split dye hair

    Honey Blonde and Ginger

    Honey blonde and ginger split dye hair

    Bubble Gum Pink and Platinum Blonde

    Bubble gum pink and platinum blonde split dye hair

    20 Coolest and Edgiest Split Dye Hair Color Ideas for the Extra Queens Who Like to Take the Risk! Split Hair Dye to Experiment with Your Hair Color: Pink and Blue Hair, Black and White Hair, Black and Red Hair: Split Dyed Hair for Everybody!

    Platinum Blonde and Jet Black

    Platinum blonde and jet black split dye hair

    Honey Blonde and Auburn

    Honey blonde and auburn split dye hair

    Fuschia and Dark Brown

    Fuschia and dark brown split dye hair

    Beige Blonde and Ginger

    Beige blonde and ginger split dye hair

    Platinum Blonde and Jet Black Highlights

    Platinum blonde and jet black split dye hair

    Light Blonde and Ginger Highlights

    Light blonde and ginger split dye hair

    Brown and Dirty Blonde

    Brown and dirty blonde split dye hair

    Ash Blonde and Jet Black

    Ash blonde and jet black split dye hair

    Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink

    Pastel blue and pastel pink split dye hair

    Dark Brown and Baby Blonde

    Dark brown and baby blonde split dye hair

    Split Dye Hair Color Ideas for Everybody! Split Hair Dye Trend for Risk Takers: Split Dyed Hair Color Ideas for Brave Hair Color Lovers: Yellow and red Hair, Pink and Blue Hair, Purple and Pink Hair, Black and White Hair, Black and Red Hair

    Dirty Blonde and Auburn Red

    Dirty blonde and auburn red split dye hair

    Bright Blue and Purple

    Bright blue and purple split dye hair

    Cool Blonde and Jet Black

    Cool blonde and jet black split dye hair

    Bubble Gum Pink and Lilac

    Bubble gum pink and lilac split dye hair

    Orangey Red and Platinum Blonde

    Orangey red and platinum blonde split dye hair

    If you like these split dye hair color ideas, but you are not sure whether they are good for you and you would like to check out some other ideas, which might probably be more helpful for your specific taste, then you should click on ginger hair color ideas, dark brown hair color ideas, bronze hair color ideas, golden blonde hair, ash grey hair, beige blonde hair, red balayage looks, copper hair color ideas, and more.

    Thank you for coming over and hanging out with us for a couple of minutes. Hope to see you here soon!

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