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    Prom Nails: 10 Nail Art Ideas Perfect for Your Prom

    Prom season is near and if you are out there looking for an ideal prom dress, hairstyle or prom nails then you might check out this list of wonderful prom nail ideas. These arts are super soft, delicate and perfect for you prom night. These nails are not too long to make you uncomfortable. That’s why you can wear them post-prom too.

    Check these beautiful nails and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Nail Designs with Diamonds: Nude Nails with Gemstones

    This type of matte nude color on nails is my personal favorite. It looks stunning on everybody and it’s very subtle. This can be perfect for any ocassion, and for any outfit. Because this is not colorful, this is not extra and, at the same time, it’s very eyecatching! But of course they have a very gorgeous twist for a prom. The gemsones will be there and look really pretty and extra. They will shine on your nails because that’s what the gemstones actually do!

    Prom nails, nail art for prom, nude nails with gemstones

    2. Nude Color Nails: Shiny Nude Nails

    These nails are too very soft and subtle. But they are glossy and perfect for a nice prom night. This square shape looks great and natural. The little french twist on the ring finger looks very adorable and your classmates will really like your nails!

    Prom nails, prom night nails, shiny nude nails

    3. Nail Art Diversity Overload

    This is the type of nail art that you will surely not get bored looking. There are so many various details on these nails and the colors go perfectly with each other. The triangle french on the pinkie, all the different shapes on the ring finger, the clear sparkly color on the middle finger, the drooping french on the index finger, and supposedly the same triangle french on the thumb are perfectly done and really interesting for a nice prom party.

    Prom nails, nail art, nail art for prom, nail art diversity overload

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    4. Colorful French and Pearls

    This french looks so cute, right? This can be a great Valentine’s day nail art too. But this is also perfect for prom because prom is all about happiness, love and colors! The pearls make this a thousand times cuter and the nail shape is also perfect for this type of art.

    Prom nails, nail art for prom, colorful french and pearls

    5. Cream Color Nails and Gold Hearts

    Usually cream color nails are very delicate and look really adorable. This nails are great for a prom party. They are glossy and the little gold hearts will shine under the lights of the hall.

    Nail art for prom, prom nails, prom nail ideas, cream color nails and gold hearts

    6. Shiny Pink Ombre

    Pink ombre nails look great on everything when they’re done perfectly. This ombre is perfect and the subtle transition from darker pink to lighter and then white tips makes the whole nail art perfect for a prom party. The ombre has glitters in it which is way nicer and more unique.

    Prom nails, nail art, nail art for prom, shiny ombre

    7. Extra Glossy Nude Color Nails and Gemstones

    We’ve already discussed how great glossy nude nails look and how perfect the little gemstones or pearls make the whole nail art. This is one of the perfect examples. You can also try out the round shape with this art.

    Prom nails, prom nail art, extra glossy nude nails and gemstones

    8. Color Overdose

    Colorful nails are very characteristic. If you like colors you may try out this nails because this will look stunning for prom. This is a spring-summer appropriate nail art and the colors will go perfectly with a colorful outfit.

    Nails for prom, nail art for prom, prom nails, color overdose

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    9. Nude Nails and Stunning Art

    You can do a great art on nude nails because they are like blank canvas. This square shape is great for this type of nail art and the extra shiny greyish white color on the index finger in blinding!

    Prom nails, nail art for prom, nude nails and stunning art

    10. Pink Nails: Pink French and Polka Dots

    Polka dots are so cute. They are just dots but they make everything look extra adorable. This oval shape, pink french, and white polka dots make this nail art extra unique and you can do this for your prom and everyone will admire!

    Nails for prom, nail art for prom, pink french and polka dots

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