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    MAKEUP FOR GLASSES: 30 Great Tips

    Do you have to wear glasses occasionally? Then you have probably wondered: what makeup for glasses? If you have, then we want to introduce you to some amazing ideas, which will help you wear your makeup suitable to your glasses, and your glasses suitable for your face shape.

    It is way more important to choose the right makeup look for your glasses, because your makeup can make or break the whole beauty of those amazing accessories. Depending on your eye shape and face shape, of course, you have to choose the appropriate makeup look underneath you glasses. Whether those are sunglasses, or prescription clear glasses, your makeup might come across, and it might look splotchy and not perfect. Which is fine, of course, if you are not leaning towards having perfect makeup look. But you can easily make your eyeshadow look great under the glasses, and emphasize your eyes.

    Some prescription glasses make your eyes look smaller or bigger, depending on their type. And if your eyes appear smaller underneath the prescription glasses, there are some tips and hacks to make them look bigger and more expressive. You can add mascara or false lashes, or maybe get eyelash extensions. All these will make your eyes bigger, darker and more visible. You can also do a soft contour on your eyes, maybe something with soft brown eyeshadow, and this will also really come through underneath the glasses. Winged eyeliners, white waterlines, and colorful eyeshadows look amazing with glasses as well, and you will see that yourself when you start scrolling through these looks.

    And we don’t want to make you wait longer. You can just go ahead and scroll to see which makeup look is the best for your glasses and for your face and eye shape. We would like to mention that we have a brand where you can find a lot of great eyeglasses and sunglasses, which will complete your collection of glasses, or reward you with a new pair. You can go to and choose you best pair of glasses. And don’t forget to get your styles overdose!

    Foxy Eye with Red Lips

    Foxy eye with red lips
    Photo by @savoirflair

    Dark Black Sparkly Smokey Eye

    Flipped Eyeliner

    Flipped eyeliner
    Photo by @dreynak

    Mascara and Natural Eyeliner

    Neutral Glam Makeup Look

    Neutral glam makeup look
    Photo by @alessaberry

    Rainbow Eyeshadow Look

    Rainbow eyeshadow look
    Photo by @elimeikki

    Soft Smokey Eyeshadow with Red Lips

    Soft smokey eyeshadow with red lips
    Photo by @zuzuturkova

    Thin Winged Eyeliner

    Thin winged eyeliner
    Photo by @kai.xpo

    Big Falsies

    Big falsies
    Photo by @eyebuydirect

    Duochrome Pink Gold Smokey Eyeshadow Look

    Duochrome pink gold smokey eyeshadow look
    Photo by @maggxo_makeup

    Makeup for Glasses, Makeup and Eyeshadow Tips for Beauties who Wear Glasses: Makeup with Glasses, Makeup Hacks for Glasses, to Look Cute and Comfortable with Glasses: Vintage Glasses and Makeup Looks for Them

    All Natural with Mascara

    All natural with mascara
    Photo by @lex_faceit

    Natural Makeup Look

    Outer Corner Smokey

    Outer corner smokey
    Photo by @anisapuscat_

    Reverse Cat Eye Look

    Reverse cat eye look
    Photo by

    Soft Winged Eyeliner Look with Mascara

    Soft winged eyeliner look with mascara
    Photo by

    Vampy and Smokey Natural

    Vampy and smokey natural
    Photo by @elleindia

    Blushy Makeup Look with Winged Eyeliner

    Blushy makeup look with winged eyeliner
    Photo by @oatmilkmakeup

    E Girl Winged Eyeliner with Round Glasses

    E girl winged eyeliner with round glasses
    Photo by @alessaberry

    Jet Black Thick Winged Eyeliner

    Jet black thick winged eyeliner
    Photo by @ninaaiva

    Natural Makeup Look with Burgundy Brown Winged Eyeliner

    Natural makeup look with burgundy brown winged eyeliner
    Photo by @lex_faceit

    Amazing Makeup for Glasses, 30 Great Hacks and Looks to Rock Your Makeup with Glasses: Makeup Hacks for Glasses, Eyeshadow Tips to Wear Glasses and Look Great: Vintage Glasses and Special Makeup Looks to Wear

    Pink Eyeshadow with Reverse Cat Eye Liner

    Pink eyeshadow with reverse cat eye liner
    Photo by @yanni_beanz

    Shimmery Champaigne Eyeshadow Look

    Shimmery champaigne eyeshadow look
    Photo by @hkassel

    Sparkly Blue Smokey Eye

    Sparkly blue smokey eye
    Photo by @hkassel

    White Waterline

    White waterline
    Photo by @alexandra_anele

    Brown Eyeshadow Look

    Brown eyeshadow look
    Photo by @alexa_miha

    Expressive Eyelashes and Soft Eyeshadow Look

    Expressive eyelashes and soft eyeshadow look
    Photo by @firmoo_optical

    Light Brown Winged Eyeliner

    Light brown winged eyeliner
    Photo by

    Natural with Semi Winged Eyeliner

    Purple Cat Eye Eyeshadow Look

    Smokey Eye with Eyelash Extensions

    Makeup for glasses: 30 great tips • styles overdose

    Makeup for glasses can be tricky! But it is necessary if you love makeup, and you’re a constant wearer of glasses. But maybe you would like to see some other makeup looks, the ones without glasses, some natural and soft makeup looks, or maybe some other colors and different extra ideas.

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