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How to Curl Hair With Flat Iron? 5 Hair Hacks

How to Curl Hair With Flat Iron? 5 Hair Hacks

These hair hacks will make sure you know the answer to the most common question: how to curl hair with flat iron or curling iron and find out the most basic steps to straighten or curl your hair. Have you been using a flat iron, or a curling iron? Do you know how to achieve those gorgeous flat iron curls or beach waves? Well it’s actually very simple and easy.

All you have to do is follow some really basic steps to reach your desirable results and make your hair very straight or curly, and shiny. But, of course, at the same time keeping it healthy and not completely burning it.

So follow these simple steps and you will like the results. Get your daily styles overdose!

1. Use Heat Protectant

We’ve talked about heat protectants before and it’s actually crucial to your hair. There are several best heat protectant spray options which also have some other functions that are very good for your hair. Of course, no heat protectant or anything you put on your hair will completely save it from that kind of exact heat, but it will protect your hair from burning it. And if you use a heat protectant which has oils in it, and other natural ingredients it will actually be a lot more beneficial to your hair than you think.

Some heat protectants even give a lot of shine and make your hair very soft afterwards. When you use a curling iron or flat iron, you will see that a smoke is coming out and it means that the product that you put on your hair is burning and protecting your hair. Whereas, when you don’t use anything before using the heat tools, you are burning your hair. And if smoke is coming out, that means that the heat tool is actually taking away all that moisture from your hair and burning it.

So make sure not to forget the heat protectant before putting your hair through any kind of heat. You can use just a tiny bit of product and get it in your hair strands. It will do its job.

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2. Detangle Every Section

Before doing anything you just have to detangle your hair. If your hair is tangled before straightening it or curling it all the knots are going to mess everything and your hair will end up very freezy and messy. So you have to pass through every section with a com, detangle it, make sure there are no knots in your hair and then start your job.

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If You’ve Ever Wondered How To Curl Hair With Flat Iron Or Curling Iron Follow These 5 Basic Hair Hacks to Achieve Your Dream Hair: Get Your Gorgeous Flat Iron Curls and Curling Iron Curls

3. Take Small Sections and Don’t Rush

If you are straightening your hair with a flat iron just make sure that you have small sections and go through your section really slowy. Try to avoid doing a second pass, but if your hair is not straight enough and you think you need the second pass, then do it. But if you go through the section really slowly your hair will be very straight and soft already.

If you are curling your hair with a flat iron or curling iron, again remember that you have to take small sections. If you rush you won’t have any curls. You will end up having static hair and you will burn and break your hair. So remember that you have to do it slowy.

If you want to get those beautiful beach waves, just take your section with the flat iron, grab it near the roots, turn your flat iron as if you are wrapping your hair around it, and pull till you meet your ends. You can tame your curl with your fingers.

For getting those perfect Hollywood waves of curling iron curls grab your curling iron, keep it near your roots, grab your sections from the ends and wrap it around the iron. Again, you don’t have to rush. Let it sit for 20 seconds and unravel it. You will have a very beautiful bouncy curl.

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So we are done with straightening your hair because you basically need those three steps: putting your heat protectant, detangling the sections and slowly passing through every little section. And you will get the straightest and shiniest hair. Whatever color you have it will be extremely vibrant and pretty. And you won’t get a lot of heat damage. Of course, you don’t have to do this every day. Just give your hair some time to rest occasionally.

Now we pass to the 4th and 5th steps of curling your hair. How to curl hair with flat iron?

All you need to do is find the best heat protectant spray, the best hair spray or even glitter hair spray and you will achieve those dreamy flat iron curls.

4. Brush Out Your Curls

Brushing out the curls is one of the hair hacks that makes a lot difference and your curls look very natural and messy. 2022 is all about those messy beachy curls and waves that don’t have to be perfect. It’s not a great look when your curls are clumping together, so after doing your whole head, you have to wait your curls to cool down and brush them out. You can do it with your fingers, or with a brush. Whatever you’re comfortable with. But brush makes the curls more tamed and messy, and it’s stunning.

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5. Spray Your Curls with Some Hair Spray

Our hair tends to go back to its natural state after some time. So if you want your hair to stay wavy you have to put a little spray in your hair. You can find the best hair spray even in the drugstores. You can use a glitter hair spray to make everything look a lot more extra. You don’t need too much, because the hair will become stiff and petrified. It will look like you can crack and break it. It doesn’t look good and it’s not healthy for your hair. So just spray a little and it will stay for a few hours.

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