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    Great Smiley Face Nails for Summer 2023

    Get some smiley face nails for summer to make your nails look adorable and unique all day long. Smiley nails are very fun and creative, and you can actually experiment with your nail design a lot. You can do flower nail designs, or polka dot nails, butterfly nails, cow print nails, and spice it up with cutest smiley faces. It will make your day!

    So to know more about smiley face nails, check out these adorable nail color ideas, summer nail designs with smiley faces, with fun and creative details, which will help you choose your ideal nail design for summer 2023. Don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Nude Nails with Cute Smiley Faces

    Smiley faces can make the nail design really perfect for summer. And this is a great example for that. If you want to have neutral and nude nail design, but want to spice it up with some cute details, then adding these smiley faces to the nail art will do ther job for you.

    Smiley face nails, nude nails with cute smiley faces

    Orange French, Flowers and Smiley Faces

    French looks awesome in so many different colors. This orange looks amazing for this nail design, and also the whole nail art is perfect for summer. In 2023 everybody likes to have some bright and fun colors whether that’s a nail design, or outfit idea, or makeup. And this one is cute and delicate if you are looking for a colorful and adorable nail design for summer.

    Smiley face nails, orange french, flowers and smiley faces

    Swirl Nails, Pastel Flowers, Smiley Faces

    Such a unique and various nail design for someone who likes to have some varieties, different and colorful details in their nail art. You can definitely rock this design for summer 2023, if you like this type of fun and, surely, not boring nail designs.

    Smiley face nails, swirl nails, pastel flowers, smiley faces

    Pastel Nails with Flowers and Smiley Faces

    Pastel flowers are always a great idea for summer. And this nail design is a perfect proof. Adding some cute and fun smiley faces to the delicate nail design will show off some personality and make your nails look interesting and unique.

    Smiley face nails, pastel nails with flowers and smiley faces

    Lavender and Yellow Smiley Faces

    Lavender nails have become a go to nail design for so many people. And so many people try to do different nail designs with lavender, yellow, baby pink, and overall pastel colors. This is a perfect idea for those people who are looking for an adorable summer nail design with colorful, pastel colors.

    Smiley face nails, lavender and yellow smiley faces

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    Cutest Smiley Nails

    Just a cute square shape nail design with smileys and little red hearts for the emoji and smiley lovers out there. You don’t need to have long acrylic nails for this cute nail design.

    Smiley face nails, cutest smiley nails

    Fun and Colorful Nail Design

    You will never get bored with looking at all these colors and fun details. Not everyone likes to have really colorful nail art with various ideas, but for those people who like their nail design fun and out there for summer, then this is great for you.

    Smiley face nails, fun and colorful nail design

    Long Nails with Colorful Smiley Faces

    Just add some colorful and fun smiley faces on your nail design and you will be really glad with how your nails look so cute and unique. Summer brings all the colors and creative ideas, so try this out and you will never regret it.

    Smiley face nails, long nails with colorful smiley faces

    Pink, Green, Blue Nails with Big Smiley Face

    A really colorful nail idea for the fun color lovers out there! If you like clashing colors, fun color combinations for summer, then try this one out.

    Smiley face nails, pink, green, blue nails with big smiley face

    Cute and Colorful Smiley Faces

    Smiley faces will look so great in every single color. And for a nail design like this as many colors there are as creative and fitting it becomes for summer.

    Smiley face nails, cute and colorful smiley faces

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