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    Glossy Lips: 10 Magnificent Makeup Looks

    If you watched the TV shows of 2008-2012, then you probably noticed that all the girls were rocking those glossy lips. All the actresses liked wearing lip glosses, keeping the full face makeup nude and natural. And those clear lip glosses looked really cute. But that trend was gone for a while, and everyone liked wearing matte and nude colors as their go to lip colors. Now luckily lip gloss is back!

    Lip gloss makes such a big difference, making your lips look plump, cute. And you can basically wear lip gloss with any makeup look. Colorful makeup looks will pop a lot more, if you wear a nude lip gloss. And now there are a lot of lip glosses out there, like lip plumper gloss, colorful lip glosses, or clear lip glosses. Depending on your priorities.

    So scroll through and check out these beautiful and elegant makeup looks with glossy lips and don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Purple Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look with Lip Gloss

    For an eyeshadow look like this you don’t need a very vibrant and colorful lip. Just a nude and gorgeous lip gloss is enough for you to make your lips look plump, and your makeup look pop.

    Glossy lips, purple cut crease eyeshadow look with lip gloss

    Cute Nude Eyeshadow Look with Clear Lip Gloss

    The eyeshadow look is so cute, elegant and yet very neutral and unique. With this eyeshadow too, you don’t actually need a very eyecatching lip color. This clear lip gloss is perfect.

    Glossy lips, cute nude eyeshadow look with clear lip gloss

    Nude Makeup Look, Nude Lip Gloss

    A very dewy and sunkissed full face makeup look, which will look great in summer with that neutral and gorgeous glossy lip.

    Glossy lips, nude makeup look, nude lip gloss

    Colorful Eyeshadow Look with Glossy Lips

    This eyeshadow look is so gorgeous. Graphic eyeliner is always a great idea for a very fun and unique makeup look. And you don’t need to do a very eyecatching lip color, because the whole attention goes to that perfect eyeshadow look.

    Glossy lips, colorful eyeshadow look with glossy lips

    Fun Full Face Makeup Look and Clear Lip Gloss

    Just a cute and fun party makeup look which has lots of colors, but the face makeup look is natural, nude and soft. So the clear lip gloss is also perfect with the whole vibe.

    Glossy lips, fun full face makeup look and clear lip gloss

    Glossy Lips, with Colorful Makeup Looks, Nude Makeup Looks: Wear a Red Lip Gloss, Lip Plumper Gloss, Nude Lip Gloss, or Clear Lip Gloss for Summer 2022

    Natural Makeup Look and Clear Gloss

    Very natural look which you can wear for your casual days. If you are not the person who loves to wear lots of makeup while doing everyday chores, running errands, then this look is great. Just a bit of tinted moisturizer, or concealer, a bit of mascara and stunning lip gloss.

    Glossy lips, natural makeup look and clear gloss

    Gorgeous Dewy Makeup Look and Clear Gloss

    This makeup look will make you look really healthy, gorgeous, elegant, while still being dewy, neutral and natural. Adding that gorgeous gloosy lip will take your makeup look to a whole new level.

    Glossy lips, gorgeous dewy makeup look and clear gloss

    Pink Blush and Nude Gloss

    This makeup look is also gorgeous with that nude lip color. And the smokey eye, sunkissed full face makeup together look perfect with each other.

    Glossy lips, pink blush and nude gloss

    Orange Lip Gloss

    That firy orange color is so great for summer! Just imagine wearing a very elegant orange dress and rocking that gorgeous glossy lip color in summer. This look will catch some glances.

    Glossy lips, orange lip gloss

    Red Lip Gloss

    And finally this gorgeous red lip color, which goes great with that nude eyeshadow look. If you have decided to wear this elegant lip color for summer, it would actually be great idea to keep your full face makeup look neutral and soft.

    Glossy lips, red lip gloss

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