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    French Bob for 2023: 30 Amazing Hairstyles

    French bob haircut is back! And we are all extremely happy about it. This is one of those retro haircuts that looks great in every single era. It still is unique and artsy. So if you have been considering to change your style and have french crop, then we are here to show you some amazing different styles you can choose.

    You won’t regret having this artsy cut. Of course, if you are considering, surely go for it. Enjoy and get your daily styles overdose!

    A-Shape French Crop

    This is a very simple haircut, yet it is so adorable and stylish. The shape of the fringe is rather unique. You can also do a straight across fringe, but this way the haircut is more fun, especially on such wavy and messy gorgeous hair. If you have a round face, this might also be the best haircut for round face.

    Chin Length Flipped French Crop with Fringe

    Flipped french bob is so cute. In general, flipped short hairstyles are very artsy, but this style with these bangs and color is heavenly! You can also skip the fringe, but you will never be disapointed having fringe haircut once in your life.

    Frebnch bob, chin length flipped french crop with fringe
    Photo by @gabie.godfrey

    Even Layers on Voluminous French Crop

    This haircut has so much volume! We don’t have any fringe or bangs here, but the haircut in itself is very prestigious and elegant!

    French bob, even layers on voluminous french crop
    Photo by @elodieromy

    Gorgeous Messy French Crop with Fringe

    This is one of those short modern haircuts that we can also call vintage and retro. But this haircut in 2023 looks extremely artsy and gorgeous. The fringe, the length and the messiness of it are all perfect. This is a perfect french bob haircut for 2023!

    French bob, gorgeous messy french crop with fringe
    Photo by @biaperotti

    Messy Layered Cut with Wispy Bangs

    This one too is a perfect french bob haircut! Short hairstyles never disappoint, do they? This is a french bob with bangs worth trying, if you are considering cutting your hair and trying out new style!

    French bob, messy layered cut with wispy bangs
    Photo by @gabie.godfrey

    Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

    If you wanna look extra artsy and cute, then this haircut with the color, with the bangs and effortless cut is perfect for you! This is shorter than chin length, but you will have some time to grow this out, and it still will look perfect.

    French bob, short bob with curtain bangs
    Photo by @jayne_edosalon

    Short French Crop with High Fringe

    A really short, blunt and artsy cut for short hair lovers out there. This haircut would lack its perfection without the bangs. The short and wispy straight across bangs complete the haircut!

    French bob, short french crop with high fringe
    Photo by @ameliagoldie

    Wavy French Crop

    If you are considering to cut your hair and you don’t want to go really short, then this type of french bob haircut is the best for you! You can also add some soft face framing layers if you like, and the haircut will be so voluminous and so artsy!

    French bob, wavy french crop
    Photo by @nunzio_nyc1

    Blunt Bob with Long Wispy Bangs

    This haircut is great with its longer bangs. You can also cut them shorter, it will look great as well. But with this type of bangs this haircut is just the best!

    French bob, blunt bob with long wispy bangs
    Photo by @forameus.x

    Chin Length Split Colored Bob with Curtain Bangs

    Chin length haircuts are everything! This french bob haircut has everything an artsy and unique girl will enjoy: the split colors are awesome and edgy, the curtain bangs are classy and elegant, the blowout is everything!

    French bob, chin length split colored bob with curtain bangs
    Photo by @beautylaunchpad

    French Bob! The Best Short Haircut for 2023: French Bob with Bangs, French Bob Haircut with Layers: French Haircut Ideas, Gorgeous French Hairstyles for Summer-Fall 2023

    French Crop with Long Fringe

    A perfect french haircut to wonder in the streets of Paris! Longer wispy bangs with this type of haircut are a match made in heaven!

    French bob, french crop with long fringe
    Photo by @gabie.godfrey

    Layered French Crop

    The soft shorter layers just give the cut some volume, making it look messier, which is perfect for 2023. The messier the better. The bangs are also messy and gorgeous with the haircut.

    French bob, layered french crop
    Photo by @arcscissors

    Messy Long Bob with Bangs

    This one is a little longer than our previous ones, and it’s also thicker and blunter. French bob with bangs is always a good idea as we all see!

    French bob, messy long bob with bangs
    Photo by @chloehelenmiles

    Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

    The bangs of this haircut are actually very interesting. They are very much uneven, and messy, which is perfect for this kind of french bob.

    Side Part French Crop

    If you’re tired of the middle parting, then you can just shift your parting a little. You will have a lot more volume, and it usually looks a lot more elegant this way. Of course, if you have bangs or fringe, you can’t do that.

    French bob, side part french crop
    Photo by @vogueandcoffee

    Wolf Cut

    If you’ve been a fan of wolf cut since 2020, then you might wanna check out this short mixture of wolf cut and french bob.

    French bob, wolf cut
    Photo by @nunzio_nyc1

    Blunt French Crop

    This is one of those simpler french hairstyles, which is perfect if you don’t want to deal with bangs, layers.

    French bob, blunt french crop
    Photo by @lara_theresa

    Curly Layered French Crop

    You have curly hair? Then let us introduce you to this gorgeous curly french bob! You don’t need to make a lot of effort to style this haircut, because the curls will behave themselves in this haircut.

    French bob, curly layered french crop
    Photo by @craphairclub

    French Crop with Soft Layers for Extra Volume

    Some very soft layers for volume, but the most gorgeous part of this haircut is the way it is styled. The little flip out opens up your face making you look classy and trendy.

    French bob, french crop with soft layers for extra volume
    Photo by @nunzio_nyc1

    Lip Length Flipped French Crop

    This length might require a specific face shape, like hers. But if you have different features and you still want a hairstyle this length, then definitely go ahead and give it a go!

    French bob, lip length flipped french crop
    Photo by @biaperotti

    French Bob Haircut for the Win! French Bob with Bangs, French Haircut Ideas to Do in 2023: the Most Amazing French Hairstyles on the Internet

    Messy Natural Bob

    I called this natural, because it seems like this haircut is not at all styled. It might be styled, but it looks naturally messy and gorgeous. The bangs are thicker, so if you want to have a little thicker more voluminous bangs, you should go for this kind of style.

    French bob, messy natural bob
    Photo by @biaperotti

    Short Curly Bob

    A curly french bob with the cutest ever bangs! This is a great way to have your curly hair cut, if you are tired of the way your curly hair look every single day.

    French bob, short curly bob
    Photo by @jayne_edosalon

    Thick French Crop with Curtain Bangs

    She has thick hair, that’s why this haircut looks so voluminous on her hair. But if you want to try this out, and your hair is fine, then you can add some layers in between, which will give your hair this shape and thickness. The curtain bangs though… They are everything!

    French bob, thick french crop with curtain bangs
    Photo by @gabie.godfrey

    Wolf Cut Plus French Crop

    This second wolf cut bob is a little different from the previous one, because this one has less layers. But it still has layers and also curtain bangs.

    French bob, wolf cut plus french crop
    Photo by @__zoewi

    Chin Length Blonde Bob with Fringe

    Blonde color on french bob is just so elegant. So you can go for a hair color change too if you want to have a complete makeover!

    French bob, chin length blonde bob with fringe
    Photo by @chrisjones_hair

    Cute Flipped French Crop

    A cutie with simple french crop, some layers and thicker fringe.

    French bob, cute flipped french crop
    Photo by @giulia.galvagno

    French Layered Short Bob

    This is a very interesting way of cutting french bob. The layers and the whole shape are very unique. And also the bangs are unpredictable!

    French bob, french layered short bob
    Photo by @fomenkojulli

    Long Voluminous Bob with Curtain Bangs

    Such thick gorgeous, voluminous hair! If you have this thickness, then you need to try this kind of french bob on your hair!

    French bob, long voluminous bob with curtain bangs
    Photo by @chloehelenmiles

    Mullet French Crop

    There are many ways to make you french bob haircut look unique, and one of those ways is this type of hair color!

    French bob, mullet french crop
    Photo by @macklmoor

    Wavy Blunt Crop

    A french crop, which will be easier to style. You can either add some waves to it, or you can just leave it as it is – natural and gorgeous!

    French bob, wavy blunt crop
    Photo by @forameus.x

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