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    Best Wedding Guest Makeup Looks for 2023

    Wedding guest makeup looks are as important as the bridesmaid makeup looks! You are the wedding guest. Although you’re there just to cheer for your loved ones and be happy for their important day, you’re also there to rock your style and to look unique. That is why while choosing your wedding guest dress or outfit, your hairstyle, your nails, you need to give some love to your makeup look as well.

    Your makeup look tells a lot about you. If the other guests come up to you and start talking to you, they will definitely notice your makeup – your eyeshadow, your lipstick, your contour. And you can make these as perfect as you like. By looking at some of these wedding makeup looks you will see a lot of ideas that we have prepared for you to choose for that perfect day. While deciding, don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Abstract Graphic Eyeliner

    Wedding guest makeup, abstract graphic eyeliner
    Photo by @d.aleksandria

    2. Burgundy Foxy Eye

    3. Contrasting Cat Eye

    4. Dramatic Cat Eye

    5. Elegant Rhinestone Eyeliner

    Wedding guest makeup, elegant rhinestone eyeliner
    Photo by @olgagoliak

    6. Golden Yellow Beauty

    7. Greenish Blue Smokey Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, greenish blue smokey eye
    Photo by @sasha_make_up

    8. Neutral and Glamorous Smokey Eye

    9. Peachy Smokey Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, peachy smokey eye
    Photo by @olgagoliak

    10. Red Eyes

    Wedding guest makeup, red eyes
    Photo by @baby_bylorraine

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    11. Silver Cut Crease

    Wedding guest makeup, silver cut crease
    Photo by @beautyleaders

    12. Soft Glittery Fox Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, soft glittery fox eye
    Photo by @polli_muaa

    13. Unique Graphic Eyeliner

    Wedding guest makeup, unique graphic eyeliner
    Photo by @baby_bylorraine

    14. Baby Blue and Brown Art

    Wedding guest makeup, baby blue and brown art
    Photo by @d.aleksandria

    15. Cat Eye and Rhinestones

    Wedding guest makeup, cat eye and rhinestones
    Photo by @prudnikova_brand

    16. Cool Toned Smokey Eye

    17. Dramatic Cut Crease

    Wedding guest makeup, dramatic cut crease
    Photo by @beautyleaders

    18. Full on Black Smokey Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, full on black smokey eye
    Photo by @baby_bylorraine

    19. Gorgeous Green

    Wedding guest makeup, gorgeous green
    Photo by @shari.mua

    20. Lavender Graphic Eyeliners with Rhinestones

    Wedding guest makeup, lavender graphic eyeliners with rhinestones
    Photo by @makeup_luiz

    21. Neutral and Natural Cat Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, neutral and natural cat eye
    Photo by @beautyleaders

    22. Piercing Cat Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, piercing cat eye
    Photo by @d.aleksandria

    23. Reflective Eyeshadow with Thick Winged Eyeliner

    Wedding guest makeup, reflective eyeshadow with thick winged eyeliner
    Photo by @valya_lelyukh

    24. Smokey and Piercing Foxy Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, smokey and piercing foxy eye
    Photo by @beautyleaders

    25. Soft Glittery Look

    26. Wet Duochrome with Burgundy Eyeliner

    27. Black Overdose

    28. Cat Eyeliner with Red Waterline

    29. Cut Crease and Cat Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, cut crease and cat eye
    Photo by @popdiana_makeup

    30. Duochrome Eyeshadow with Rhinestones

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    31. Glamorous Smokey Eye

    32. Smokey Cat Eye

    33. Neutral Glam

    34. Purple Dramatic Foxy Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, purple dramatic foxy eye
    Photo by @olgagoliak

    35. Rhinestone Crease Liner

    Wedding guest makeup, rhinestone crease liner
    Photo by @valya_lelyukh

    36. Smokey Cat Eye with Cut Crease

    37. Super Elegant and Sophisticated Cut Crease

    Wedding guest makeup, super elegant and sophisticated cut crease
    Photo by @stylistmorena

    38. Wet Eyeshadow Look and Cat Eye

    39. Brown Smokey Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, brown smokey eye
    Photo by @baby_bylorraine

    40. Classy Smokey Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, classy smokey eye
    Photo by @prudnikova_brand

    41. Double Winged Eyeliner

    Wedding guest makeup, double winged eyeliner
    Photo by @nyahontova

    42. Duocolor Eyeliner

    Wedding guest makeup, duocolor eyeliner
    Photo by @prudnikova_brand

    43. Golden Look

    44. Green Smokey Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, green smokey eye
    Photo by @olgagoliak

    45. Natural and Sunkissed with Red Lips

    46. Orange Tinted Foxy Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, orange tinted foxy eye
    Photo by @olgagoliak

    47. Purple Smokey Eye

    Wedding guest makeup, purple smokey eye
    Photo by @valya_lelyukh

    48. Shiny Peacock

    49. Soft and Neutral Cat Eye

    50. Triple Graphic Eyeliner

    If you like these ideas, then we can also suggest some other makeup looks to give a go. Because you might want to see some different ideas that will interest you more!

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