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    Best Summer Hair Colors for 2023

    Everything is so colorful and fun in summer. So are summer hair colors! In summer you can be colorful. You can experiment with your hair color if you want to, and do pink, lavender, green, blue, etc. However we have decided to include some natural looking and simple hair color ideas here so that they can be inclusive.

    One of the most outstanding colors you can have for summer 2023 is copper brown hair color. This is a great, unique and vibrant colors for summer, yet it is also very natural looking. Copper blonde hair is also amazing, but copper brown is darker and better for the brunettes. If you have brown hair, and you want something fun, then you should give that a go. Or maybe do some copper highlights.

    You won’t see rainbow hair color ideas here in this post, but you can check out some of them. They are also amazing summer hair colors and 2023 hair colors. If you wanna take the risk and experiment then you’re awesome!

    You will see blonde trending hair colors in this post, because blonde will never be out of trend, and it will never be boring. Blonde is always amazing, and its different shades look great on so many skintones and so many hair lengths. So know that summer 2023 will definitely approve blonde hair… If you don’t want to go entirely blonde, then you should try out black hair with blonde highlights, brown hair with blonde highlights. Or if you are blonde, you can try out some lighter baby lights.

    And of course, red hair color, different shades of red, different shades of brown, like caramel, chocolate, coffee, etc will never disappoint you in summer. Even if you don’t want anything too much, you can simply do some face framing highlights, which are platinum, or beige and your face will open up, you features will sparkle and you will be ready for summer.

    These are the basic 2023 hair color trends and summer hair colors that we have to offer in this post. You can scroll and see which one of them is your personal favorite. And don’t forget to take into account your skintone, your eye color, because these also affect how well your hair color looks on you. Have a great time and don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Beige Blonde Balayage with Face Framing Pieces

    Beige blonde balayage with face framing pieces
    Photo by @amybamextensions

    Black and Red Split Dye Hair

    Black and red split hair
    Photo by @sophiehannah

    Beige Baby Lights

    Beige baby lights
    Photo by @jodigordon

    Caramel Highlights

    Caramel highlights
    Photo by @fozaza

    Flawless Platinum Blonde

    These hair colors are so simple, yet they are so luxurious. If you are contemplating about your summer hair color, then just go for it. Don’t think too hard, because hair color change is an amazing feeling!

    Platinum Blonde French Bob

    Platinum blonde french bob
    Photo by @goldieandbob

    Silver Hair with Platinum Highlights

    Beige Blonde Balayage

    Beige blonde balayage
    Photo by @rasty.trybovy

    Blonde Balayage with Darker Highlights

    Copper Hair with Blonde Money Piece

    Copper hair with blonde money piece
    Photo by @lauraverityhair

    Amazing Summer Hair Colors for 2023: 2023 Hair Colors for Your New Hair Change! 2023 Hair Trends – Modern and Cute: Trending Hair Colors in 2023

    Gorgeous Dark Blonde Highlights

    Gorgeous dark blonde highlights
    Photo by @mustinnn

    Platinum Blonde with Root Shadow

    Platinum blonde with root shadow
    Photo by @amberjeanshop

    Brown Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights

    Brown hair with beige blonde highlights
    Photo by @sezercosarr

    Copper Hair with Light Baby Lights

    Neutral Beige Balayage

    Neutral beige balayage
    Photo by @hairbyelli_

    Some of these hair colors are a little bit extra, in a way that they don’t look as natural as the other ones do. But we mainly chose types pf hair colors that can be and look natural in summer 2023. Summer hair colors in 2023 are amazing!

    Sandy Blonde Air Touch

    Sandy blonde air touch
    Photo by @hairpainters

    Beige Blonde Highlights

    Beige blonde highlights
    Photo by @alihan.capan

    Caramel Brown Hair with Highlights

    Caramel brown hair with highlights
    Photo by @karenwazen

    Copper Red Ombre

    Silver Blonde Hair

    Silver blonde hair
    Photo by @amybamextensions

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