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    How To Take Care of Your Hair: 5 Basic Haircare Steps

    Haircare is very important if you want to have shiny and silky hair. We love our hair and if we want to make them look good we have to know some very basic things about our hair. We might have a good hair day, or a bad hair day when we finish our shower. When we air dry our hair, or blow dry it, it can turn out frizzy and sometimes very dull. But in some cases our hair behaves great and it’s silky and soft and shiny.

    So what to do to avoid having dull and, overall, bad hair?

    1. Use Specific Shampoo for Your Hair Type

    Shampoo is very important for our hair. But we need to have a clue what shampoo we are using. There are so many amazing drugstore shampoos out there that you can buy and use and they will be beneficial if you know what you are actually buying. If you have dry hair try to find shampoos with lots of moisturing ingredients and oils in it. There are so many shampoos with great oils that will make your hair moisturized and healthy. For oily hair you can try clay shampoos, clarifying shampoos with apple cider vinegar, for example.

    You don’t need to use a lot of product because when you lather the shampoo and massage your sculp it will automatically clarify your hair and make it perfectly clear. Speaking of massaging. Don’t massage your sculp aggressively! It may feel good but you are actually damaging your hair by doing that. And you might wanna wash your hair with warm water, it doesnt’ have to be super hot.

    If you have lots of build up and you think that you have to wash your hair every day, then try to find best daily shampoos for that. But avoid washing your hair every day. You might wanna leave your hair alone at least one day and then wash it.

    Haircare routine

    2. Use Conditioner

    Using conditioner is so important and it’s also very satisfying. When you use a nice moisturizing conditioner it makes your hair so slippery that you can detangle it without having any trouble. You don’t have to use too much conditioner and you just have to put it on your mids and ends.

    There are lots of conditioners and rinse-out conditioners are one of them. These conditioners are meant to use on wet hair, and you just have to put it on after shampoo and rinse it out after several minutes. When your hair dries, you will definitely notice that effect of the rinse-out conditioner. Leave-in conditioners are meant to put on your hair and leave it on. You don’t have to rinse it out. They are for extreme conditioning and moisturizing. Deep conditioners provide more hidration, and if you have dry hair try deep conditioning. But don’t do it very often.


    3. Use Hair Masks

    There are lots and lots of hair masks too and you have to decide what’s best for you. This is also based on your hair type, hair damage, whether your hair is colored, bleached, etc. What’s good about hair masks is that they are specifically targeted to your hair type and you will surely find one. There are hair masks with natural ingredients which are great for dry hair. You can even try homemade hair masks and create them yourself. There are hair masks to fight against dandruff, oiliness, split ends. You can leave the hair mask on for several minutes and then rinse it out gently.


    5 Easy Haircare Steps to Have Perfect Hair: Find Your Ideal Hair Products; Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Mask and Hair Lotions and Oils

    4. Use Lotions or Oils

    Some people think that using oils on hair will make it look greasy. You don’t need to put oil on your sculp after washing your hair. You just need to put it on your ends because it’s highly nourishing and good for the split ends and dry hair. After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, you’ve used your mask and your hair feels very soft and nourished. You have to lock all this moisture in your hair, so use some lotions and oils. They will make sure that your hair looks shiny, healthy and silky and you can go on and style your hair.


    5. Use Heat Protectant and Styling Products

    If you style your hair with heat you need to use heat protectant before it. Curling irons, blow dryers, flat irons, and any heat tools have high temperature and it can be very damaging to your hair, especially if you are using them occasionally. You have to use just a little heat protectant which will somewhat protect your hair from that exact heat.

    After that you can use a little mousse which will add lots of texture to your hair. You can use hair gels, volumizers, serums, and then hair spray if you want. Of course, these are not must haves, but if you want to maintain your styling and have lots of volume and shine, you can try and use some more products.


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