Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    40 Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas

    If you’re a blonde, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a single color dyeing. You can also try super trendy multicolored shades, sunkissed highlights, and, of course, balayage.

     Balayage makes your hair visually more voluminous, and the color is rich and deep. It is the effect of lightened strands that gives visible volume even to thin and not too thick hair. It does not touch all of the hair, but only the surface of certain sections. Also, this type of coloring can be repeated not too often, because the grown roots give the hair an attractive look.

    Here, I’ve collected 30 stunning blonde balayage hair color ideas just for you. It’s time to change. Change is always for the best, don’t you agree? Especially if it’s a new hair color!

    Vanilla Glam Blonde

    A classic vanilla blonde will look even more impressive if you dye your hair in the technique of balayage. It’s very-very beautiful as if glowing from within the shade is suitable for hair with a cool undertone. Let the roots be a little darker, and on the ends go over several shades at once. 

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    Champagne Blonde

    Champagne hair color, the name of which already sounds beautiful, will probably suit you perfectly. Champagne hair color is a soft shade of blonde that can vary depending on the prevalence of certain pigments in it. For example, its tone can be golden or on the opposite, it can be cooler. And sometimes it can even go pink champagne.


    Sunny Blonde

    For blond hair with a warm undertone is simply ideal balayage in shades of sunny blonde, it makes any hairstyle look much more interesting. Warm blonde shades are super trending this season. Honey, caramel, or gold – choose any shade!


    Surf Blonde

    Surfing Blonde suits everyone without exception. This rich hair color enhances the brightness of the eyes and turns any look from simple to unforgettable. Let your hair be a little darker at the roots and lighter at the ends – it looks very natural. 


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