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    40 Artsy Makeup Looks – Unique and Amazing

    A lot of people are artsy makeup lovers, which is amazing, because they can easily make themselves look really unique and eyecatching, without dealing with confidence issues. Some people though, like to keep their makeup simple and neutral. If you are one of those people, then you can just look and appreciate the art in these makeup looks.

    You can give one of these makeup looks a go, and just have fun with your makeup products, with your brushes, eyeshadows, blush, contour, bronzer, and of course, glitters, rhinestones and sequins. These are all products that make these makeup looks. And any of these looks can look absolutely phenomenal on you if you decide to try them out.

    So don’t worry about being too extra with your makeup look, because you might be wearing it once. And if you’re wearing it once, wear it best. Scroll through these absolutely gorgeous makeup looks, choose your all time favorite abstract makeup art, and don’t forget to appreciate the art and get your daily stylesoverdose!

    1.Green Eyeshadow Look with Cow Print Graphic Eyeliner

    Artsy makeup look, graphic eyeliner

    2. Neon Orange Flame of Fire Eyeshadow Look

    Artsy makeup look

    3. Black Cut out Graphic Eyeliner with Rhinestones

    Artsy makeup look, graphic eyeliner with rhinestones

    4. Swooped out Rhinestone Eyeshadow Look

    Artsy makeup, rhinestones

    5. Smokey Eye Makeup Look with Purple Rhinestone Lower Lashline

    Artsy makeup look, purple rhinestone lower lashline

    6. Decorated Christmas Tree Eyebrows

    Artsy makeup, christmas makeup look

    7. Black Eyeliner with Colorful Rhinestones

    Artsy makeup, eyeliner

    8. Whimsical Coral Eyeshadow Look with Pearls

    Artsy makeup look

    9. Purple Sequin Eyebrows, Green to Purple Ombre Eyeshadow Look with Graphic Eyeliner

    Artsy makeup, colorful makeup look

    10. “Sky and Clouds” Makeup Look with Gold Glitter Overline

    Artsy makeup look

    40 Gorgeous Artsy Makeup Looks for Your Party, to Look Mega Artsy, Whimsical and Unique: Artsy Colorful Makeup Looks for Makeup Lovers to Have Fun with Makeup: Extra Makeup Looks, Amazing and Abstract Ideas

    11. Blue Heart Eyeliner with Pearls

    Artsy makeup look

    12. Cut Crease Smokey Eye with Colorful Sequins

    Artsy makeup look

    13. Pastel Colorful Graphic Eyeliner Look with Pearls

    Artsy makeup look

    14. Cute Yellow Smokey Eye Eyeshadow Look with Glued on Flowers

    Artsy makeup look, flowers

    15. “Wet” Eyeshadow Look with Duochrome Colors and Colorful Graphic Liners

    Artsy makeup look

    16. Baby Blue Ombre Cartoon Eyeshadow Look with Black Overline

    Artsy makeup look

    17. “Amusement Park” Eyeshadow Look with Pastel Colors, Gemstones and Glitter

    Artsy makeup, colorful eyeshadow look

    18. Swooped out Baby Blue Eyeshadow Look with White Graphic Liner

    Artsy makeup

    19. Brown Smokey Eye with Green Graphic Liners and Glitter

    Artsy makeup, glitter makeup

    20. “Butterfly Liner” with Gorgeous Colorful Gemstones

    Artsy makeup, gemstones

    21. Cartoon Makeup Look with Pink, Yellow and Orange

    Artsy makeup

    22. Elegant Purple and Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Look

    Artsy makeup, colorful makeup look

    23. Blushy Nose, Butterflies and Gemstones

    Artsy makeup, colorful makeup look

    24. Dark and Spooky Black Graphic Eyeliner Look

    Artsy makeup, halloween makeup

    25. Leopard Print Artsy Eyeshadow Look

    Artsy makeup look

    26. Super Cute and Delicate White Angel Eyeshadow Look with Rhinestones

    Artsy makeup look
    Original makeup look by @issy_hine

    27. Dark and Smokey Reflective Eyeshadow Look and Glitter

    Artsy makeup look

    28. Delicate Rhinestone Cut Crease

    Artsy makeup, rhinestone cut crease

    29. Soft Graphic Eyeliner and Crease Rhinestones

    Artsy makeup

    30. Soft Pink Eyeshadow Look with Glitter, Rhinestone Crease

    Artsy makeup

    Artsy Makeup: Colorful Makeup Looks to have Fun with Your Makeup Products: Extra Makeup Looks, Fun Ideas for a Fun Party

    31. Swooped out Colorful Hearts

    Artsy makeup

    32. Vampy Double Eyeliner Look

    Artsy makeup, double eyeliner

    33. Artsy and Abstract Face Paint

    Abstract, artsy makeup

    34. Butterfly Makeup Look with Colorful Magic

    Artsy makeup

    35. Soft Double Graphic Eyeliner with Flowers

    Artsy makeup

    36. Burgundy Graphic Eyeliner with White and Red Gemstones

    Artsy makeup

    37. “Rhinestone Snake” Graphic Eyeliner Look

    Artsy makeup

    38. Yellow and Black Flower with Rhinestones

    Artsy makeup look

    39. Vibrant Matte Green Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look with Rhinestone Liner

    Artsy makeup look, green eyeshadow

    40. Lilac Brows, Lavender and Blue Eyeshadow Look with Waterdrop Gemstones

    Artsy makeup, colorful eyeshadow look

    These artsy makeup looks are literally a piece of art! It would be an amazing idea to do one of these looks for your special day. But maybe you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for in this post, then we have more to offer. You can click on white makeup looks, New Years makeup looks, Christmas makeup looksbratz makeup looks, white eyeliner lookscolored eyeliner looks, eyeshadow for blue eyesrainbow makeup looks, fall makeup looksmakeup for promglitter makeup looks, purple eyeshadow looksyellow eyeshadow looksrhinestone makeup looks, euphoria makeup looks, and others which will surely help you find what you’re looking for.

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