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    30 Ways to Rock Perfect Paris Street Style

    These are the best Paris street style outfit ideas you will find for spring and summer 2023. Paris street style amazing, and you will agree with us if you scroll down and look through these outfit ideas with us.

    Maybe you have booked a trip to Paris, then these outfits will come in handy. You will definitely find your all time favorite Paris street style look among these ones. And while you are looking and choosing, don’t forget to also get your daily styles overdose!

    Comfy and Classy

    A black blazer is never a bad idea. To spice up your Paris look you just need these kind of baggy and lightweight pants. And if you wear those pants with suchlike cowboy boots, they will add so much artsiness to the look. And don’t forget about the accessories, in this case a small and handy bag, and a pair of dark sunglasses.

    Paris street style, black blazer with baggy comfy pants
    photo by @lindaekroth

    Cute in Red

    Red is an awesome color, especially in spring. This blouse with the embroidered colar will give you that cute Paris breath, especially if you’re wearing it with a cute red valentine’s cardigan like this. The short heeled red shoes go perfectly with the heart shaped little bag and the headband.

    Paris street style, cardigan with colar and black flare jeans
    photo by @solene.gisele

    Preppy in Paris

    The beige button up preppy jacket is perfect for a nice spring day in Paris. You can actually wear this jacket with any kind of pants, but with simple straight leg jeans this becomes a very comfortable, casual and cozy outfit, whilst being eyecatching and adorable. The fuschia tie up shoes add some color and spring twist to the look.

    Paris street style, preppy knit jacket and straight leg jeans
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

    Different and Classy

    Who said that classy outfits have to be boring? Street style classy is a perfect way to mix these two styles and be ready to go to work, or just go to a cafe, or have a walk outside. The oversized ruffled shirt is very unique and will definitely catch some eyes. The straight leg beige pants are classy and easy to pair with any top. With this top they look a lot more elegant.

    Paris street style, white ruffle shirt and straight leg pants
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

    Mixture of Classy and Elegant

    Walking on Paris streets in this black classy dress will be a great memory for you. The dress is very comfortable, and the shoes work perfectly with the look. She has a black leather bag, but if you want some color to your look, you can pick a different color. That will totally work as well.

    Paris street style, black classy mini dress
    photo by @nolwennlmgn

    Artsy and Vintage

    Paris street style is actually very broad and unique. If I saw someone wearing this gorgeous colorful artsy sweater with denim colar, especially with those dark wash retro jeans, I would definitely look and appreciate the look and style. The leather boots, on the other hand will make me think that the outfit is a little uncomfortable for walking for a long time, yet this is a look that raises interest!

    Paris street style, colorful artsy sweater with colar and flared vintage jeans
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

    Perfect Street Style Outfit

    Paris streetwear is a lot more different than the general streetwear style. We can help you know more about the general streetwear aesthetic, but you will be surprised to discover that those are quite different. This blazer and skort set is perfect for you if you are into this style. And the darker suede boots are such a unique twist to the look.

    Paris street style, stripe top with beige blazer and skirt set
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa


    It is possible to combine casual and Paris street style. This one is a great example. We still have that classy touch to the outfit, but it is mostly casual and gives comfy vibes.

    Paris street style, white top with grey sporty but classy jacket and black mini skirt
    photo by @pxnargny


    To see some interesting baddie outfit ideas you can check out these ideas, but this one is the combo of baddie and street style. Stroll the Paris streets with this leather jacket and those black baggy pants, which are, by the way, so in trend right now.

    Paris street style, black leather jacket and black baggy pants
    photo by @marine_diet

    Light Academia

    You probably have already heard of light academia outfits, because they have been all over pinterest and instagram for the past two years. If you haven’t, you can check our rendition on it, but first let’s look at this light academia plus Paris street style look! The white fuzzy sweater, which is so delicate looks amazing with the beige mid-length satin skirt.

    Paris street style, fuzzy knit mock neck sweater and beige satin skirt
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

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    Cafe Style

    The best outfit to go to a Paris cafe in spring and enjoy hot coffee. The perfect combination of casuals and classy pieces.

    Paris street style, t shirt blazer and mid length denim skirt
    photo by @paola.ambre

    Cool and Mysterious

    I decided to call this outfit mysterious because involves several styles and eras in it. The t shirt, the leather jacket, the long denim skirt, the leather boots go together nicely and make a great streetwear!

    Paris street style, white top with leather jacket and maxi denim skirt
    photo by @tanya_mavrody


    The only piece making this outfit more glam than casual or classy is the fur shearling jacket. Not forgetting about the gloves either. Those are a phenomenal touch to the outfit!

    Paris street style, black maxi dress with fur shearling jacket
    photo by @cherifaakili

    Preppy Girl

    Preppy outfits have made a great comeback, but this is a great rendition on preppy style. This is preppy combined with the Paris street style!

    Paris street style, knit sweater with oversized plaid blazer and mini black skirt
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

    Suit and Tie

    Have you ever worn a tie? If you haven’t this type of outfit might make you wanna try once or twice. I personally think that this is an amazing outfit, and I would totally like to wear the shirt with the tie, and this cropped plaid blazer and mini skirt set.

    Paris street style, top with tie and cropped plaid blazer mini plaid skirt
    photo by @ootdmoda_

    Spring in Paris

    March and april are still a little cold. So wearing this outfit during those months can be a great experience for you!

    Paris street style, white turtleneck plaid skirt and oversized leather jacket

    Looking Artsy

    Oversized blazer with shorts is an amazing idea. But when you add some patterned tights, you make the outfit look more unique and eyecatching for sure.

    Paris street style, black oversized blazer dress with white patterned tights
    photo by @lucie.rose.mahe

    Simply Paris Street Style

    Long coats make everything look luxurious. Even if this outfit is casual and sporty, the long coat adds so much to the look making it a perfect fit for Paris street style!

    Elegant with a Red Skirt

    This is just a very elegant outfit idea, and it is great for Paris street style. These outfit pieces are very simple, yet together they look stunning.

    Paris street style, black top and mini red skirt
    photo by

    Just Classy

    Everything about this outfit is great. This is for the girls who love being comfortable 24/7, but still love to look cute and classy.

    Paris street style, light blue shirt with white flared pants
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

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    Outfit for Gallery

    Paris street style is great for galleries, opera theatres, classical music concerts, etc. Of course, this outfit might be a little more casual for those events, but this is also very classy and artsy looking. So if you choose to go to an art gallery wearing this look, you will be glad!

    Paris street style, white cotton blouse with knit sweater and wide leg jeans
    photo by @stilinebayildim

    Spring Colors and Streetwear

    Blue is such an awesome color! The blue button up top she’s wearing is gorgeous with that blue plaid skirt. And the brown leather boots which are heeled but comfortable complete the look.

    Paris street style, blue knit cardigan top and plaid skirt
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

    Looking Extra

    This one is different than anything we’ve had so far. The golden coats, the leopard and red boots and bags are extra, there’s no arguing with that. But if you want to look a little extra and stroll around Paris in the evening, then you will look phenomenal!

    Paris street style, luxurious street style looks
    photo by @vi_bogodist

    Maxi Skirt is always Elegant!

    It is indeed! Maybe when we say denim, elegant is not the first word that comes to mind, but this type of maxi denim skirt looks stunning. Paired with the white crop top, black blazer and high leather boots this outfit is a very simple yet phenomenal one. The striped sweater which you can wear like that as an accessory, or you can wear it under the blazer to keep you warm, gives the outfit another twist. And, of course, the accessories play a great role in streetv style: the headband and the sunglasses will make you look more unique and stylish.

    Paris street style, white crop top with black blazer and maxi denim skirt
    photo by @olgaliberlin

    Monochromatic Blue

    We have a huge article on monochromatic outfit ideas that’s worth checking out if you like colors. And colors are the integral part of Paris street style. This blue striped blazer looks perfect cinched like that with a narrow belt. And you can never go wrong with a mini pleated skirt. Those skirts which take me back to high school outfits never get old. They always look great on anybody. If you’re someone like me who enjoys that style, you will definitely enjoy this one too.

    Paris street style, blue striped blazer and mini pleated skirt
    photo by @paola.ambre


    Stripes have become so popular and so stylish lately. Striped blazers and pants have been trending since 2021, but they are still growing steady. This outfit with simple black turtleneck and striped blue blazer and skort is one of the most comfortable streetwear outfits out there. And don’t forget about the gorgeous suede boots which always help the outfit!

    Paris street style, oversize striped blazer and stripe skort
    photo by @unbreakablx

    Seductive Street Style

    The whole outfit is very enticing! The cropped turtleneck top will catch attention, but the whole outfit becomes more interesting when the black blazer, the mini skirt, the long socks and the white beret come in to play.

    Paris street style, white cropped turtleneck top with blazer and mini skirt
    photo by @summerjadestyle

    Fun and Colorful

    Fun plaid blazer and skort set for a Paris street style. This is an amazing outfit if you want to have a nice photoshoot in Paris.

    Paris street style, blue top with colorful plaid blazer and skort set
    photo by @jeanne_andreaa

    Cool and Classy

    Not everyone might enjoy all white look. Me for example, I like white outfits, especially this kind of comfy, cool and unique ones. This is an outfit which you can totally wear for a formal event, but you can also just rock this outfit outside, and enjoy your comfortable and cool look.

    Paris street style, oversized white blazer and pants set
    photo by @to_be_blossom

    All Beige and Preppy

    This one is also a perfect example of Paris street style. You can wear this outfit both in spring and fall, when it is not that cold and also not very warm outside. The delicate knit top and the mini pleated skirt together make a perfect combination, and the loafers finish up the whold look.

    Paris street style, white pattern knit sweater and mini pleated skirt
    photo by @anneorion

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