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    30 Most Adorable Daisy Nails for Summer

    Daisy nails are one of the most adorable nail designs out there for summer. In summer we all appreciate some flowers and colors in our look. And daisy nails is a perfect way to elevate your look to a complete new stage and make it more summer-y. Summer nails are always very creative and unique. Flower nails are very common in summer. Whether those are sunflowers, tulips, daisies, all of them look great as a nail design.

    So we decided to show you today some trendy nails for summer 2023 to make it easier for you to be a little more artsy in summer with your look. If you like any of them you can show them to your nail artist and just enjoy your new artsy nails.

    So hesitate no more! Just scroll through these amazing summer nail designs, and see which one of them catches your eye. If you have any difficulties with choosing we can help you do that. And don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Artsy Daisy Design

    Artsy daisy design
    Photo by @nails_by_alice_

    Colorful Daisy French Tips

    Colorful daisy french tips
    Photo by @londonnailco

    Daisies and Bees

    Daisies and bees
    Photo by @taylorpolished

    Daisy Magic

    Daisy magic
    Photo by @olootka_nailart

    Half Daisies

    Half daisies
    Photo by @heluviee

    These daisy nails above are so natural looking. Yet they are also a bit complicated. Some of them of course. If you don’t want complicated, then you should consider simple nude and neutra nails with some daisies on them to give them the summer vibes. But if you like some colors, and some artsy twists, then some of them are so perfect for that.

    Leopard Daisies

    Leopard daisies
    Photo by @nailhart_

    Pink Nails with Colorful Daisy French Tips

    Pink nails with colorful daisy french tips
    Photo by @monika__nails

    Vibrant Colors in Summer

    Bright and Colorful Mood

    Contrast of Green and White

    Daisy nails, contrast of green and white
    Photo by @ryuyu

    30 Cutest Daisy Nails for Summer 2023: Summer Nails and Amazing Flower Nail Ideas for this Summer: Summer Nail Designs, Flower Nails for Your Complete Summer Look

    Daisies and Polka Dots

    Eggshell Daisy Nail Design

    Daisy nails, eggshell daisy nail design
    Photo by @naileditbeauty

    Holographic Nails with Daisies

    Milky Nails

    Short and Simple Neutral Nails

    Daisy nails, short and simple neutral nails
    Photo by @thenailbar.ns

    Some of these nails you can do for a summer wedding, or a party you are invited to. There are no limitations for these types of nails wearwise. So if your nail artist can achieve this type of amazing nail design then you’ll be really satisfied with it.

    Vibrant French Tips and Daisies

    Color Explosion with Polka Dots and Daisies

    Daisy nails, color explosion with polka dots and daisies
    Photo by

    Cute Summer Nail Design

    Daisy nails, cute summer nail design
    Photo by @nailsbyblaize

    Daisies from Fairytale

    Daisy nails, daisies from fairytale
    Photo by @alicepaintsnails

    Lavender and Pink French Tips with Daisies

    Daisy nails, lavender and pink french tips with daisies
    Photo by @brittanicolee

    Daisy Nails and Awesome Summer Nails: Summer Nail Designs, Polka Dot Nails, Glitter Nails, Flower Nails, French Tip Ideas and Others

    Pastel Daisies

    Daisy nails, pastel daisies
    Photo by @feliciadeebeauty

    Split Daisies

    Daisy nails, split daisies
    Photo by

    Yellow Nails with Daisies

    Daisy nails, yellow nails with daisies
    Photo by @thegelbottlenz

    Colorful Daisies and Rhinestones

    Daisy nails, colorful daisies and rhinestones
    Photo by @nolas.nails

    Cutest Summer Nails

    Daisy nails, cutest summer nails
    Photo by @littlenailhome

    Some of these nails have been really colorful. There are a lot of neons, a lot of pinks and blues. And everything ties together so well for summer. Especially when you add the daisies. Everything becomes more amazing and more bright and colorful.

    Daisy Art

    Daisy nails, daisy art
    Photo by @ghthenailartist

    Glitter Nails with Daisies

    Daisy nails, glitter nails with daisies
    Photo by @artdecom

    Lavender Daisies

    Daisy nails, lavender daisies
    Photo by @_by_shelley

    Pastels and Semi Daisies

    Daisy nails, pastels and semi daisies
    Photo by @nails_by_nell_

    The Beauty of Field Flowers

    Daisy nails, the beauty of field flowers
    Photo by @coats.and.quotes

    These nails are actually really amazing. It’s great when you can choose a fitting nail design for any look, for any occasion and for any season. So if you ended up choosing any of these, let us know what you chose and whether your nail artist succeeded in doing it for you.

    Thank you for coming over and checking us out. Hope to see you soon!

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