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    30 Incredibly Awesome Blue Nails

    Blue is most people’s favorite color. Especially pastel blue, baby blue, sky blue are the shades of blue most people adore. So blue nails could actually be so amazing, gorgeous and breathtaking, and they can be perfect for prom, for wedding and wherever you want to go. If you have never tried to do an incredible blue moment on your nails, then it’s time for you to try it, because you won’t ever regret it.

    If you are contemplating on choosing a wedding nail art and you are scrolling through a thousands of wedding nail designs, and maybe you’re a little bit artsy, you can definitely try doing a pastel blue nail design. Pastel blue might be the most wonderful nail color out there, because it will make your nails look really delicate. Light blue nails are goals for any occasion, of course, if you’re someone like me who’s so into the color blue.

    So in this post we will discuss what shades of blue are great for different designs and different nail shapes.

    What Shape Will Look Best for Blue Nails?

    Actually blue is such a subtle color, that no matter what shape or length you are going for, it will still look gorgeous. Just like pink nails, green nails, and some other colorful nails blue nails are also great on short nails. Because there are some people who don’t wanna be commited to getting long acrylic nails, and blue is one of those stunning colors, that you can try out if you have really short nails. And you can go crazy with it, add some artsy twists, do different designs on different nails, and rock the nail design anywhere you want.

    What Designs Can You Do with Blue Nails?

    Firstly, you can do just all over blue nail design, with the different shades of blue. Depending what shade you enjoy most. You can do blue ombre nails, which is really trendy in 2022. You can surely do blue french tip nails with some artsy paintings, details, twists which will look very beautiful. You can combine some colors and do colorful nail art. Blue and yellow always look good together, so you can try out that combination.

    Easter is near, so you can do Easter nails with blue. So there are many varieties you can try out with blue, and definitely experiment with this color. Matte blue nails also look really wonderful and so rich, and so do those glossy and shiny, sparkly nails. So don’t be scared to really go for that amazing blue color and see what shade of blue actually compliments you skintone, and makes your nails really tidy, delicate, subtle, and what nail design in this post is your personal favorite.

    You can always go ahead and add glitter on your blue nails. Because glitter too, compliments the color blue like crazy. And also there are so many cute and artsy captions that are trending nowadays to add to your nail design. And you will see some of them in this post, and you can try them out too, if you are into those type of captions.

    These are our tips and tricks of doing nail design with one of the most gorgeous colors in the world – blue. Check out these wonderful ideas and nail designs to spice up you nail design and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Matte Pastel Blue Short Nails

    Blue nails, matte pastel blue short nails

    2. Cream Color Nails with Blue Art

    Blue nails, cream color nails with blue art

    3. Royal Blue Nails with Glitters and Blue Art

    30 incredibly awesome blue nails • styles overdose

    4. 3D Ocean Blue Nails

    30 incredibly awesome blue nails • styles overdose

    5. Matte Royal Blue Nails with Cow Print

    30 incredibly awesome blue nails • styles overdose

    6. Sky Blue Matte Nails

    Blue nails, sky blue matte nails

    7. Sky Blue French Tip Nails

    Blue nails, sky blue french tip nails

    8. Matte Bright Blue Nails with Stunning Blue Art

    30 incredibly awesome blue nails • styles overdose

    9. Shiny Blue Ombre Nails

    Blue nails, shiny blue ombre nails

    10. Matte Baby Blue Nails

    30 incredibly awesome blue nails • styles overdose

    Blue Nails of 2022: Make Your Nails Look Perfect with This Amazing Color

    11. Matte Baby Blue Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

    Blue nails, matte baby blue acrylic nails with rhinestones

    12. Ash Blue Nails

    30 incredibly awesome blue nails • styles overdose

    13. Electric Blue 3D Nails

    Blue nails, electric blue 3d nails

    14. Royal Blue Matte Nails with Split Nail Design

    Blue nails, royal blue matte nails with split nail design

    15. White and Blue Reflective Nail Design

    Blue nails, white and blue reflective nail design

    16. Slight Blue Ombre Nails

    Blue nails, slight blue ombre nails

    17. Royal Blue Matte and Short Nail Design

    Blue nails, royal blue matte and short nail design

    18. Electric Blue French Tip on Cream Color Nails

    Blue nails, electric blue french tip on cream color nails

    19. Pastel Blue Acrylic Nails with a Little Rhinestone

    Blue nails, pastel blue acrylic nails with a little rhinestone

    20. Matte Blue Acrylic Nails with Pink and Yellow Artsy Twist

    Blue nails, matte blue acrylic nails with pink and yellow artsy twist

    21. Pastel Blue and Pink Nail Design

    Blue nails, pastel blue and pink nail design

    22. Mint Blue Matte and Short Nails

    Blue nails, mint blue matte and short nails

    23. Shiny Mint Blue Acrylic Nails

    Blue nails, shiny mint blue acrylic nails

    24. Pastel Blue Nails with Glitter French Tips

    30 incredibly awesome blue nails • styles overdose

    25. Electric Blue Short and Matte Nails

    Blue nails, electric blue short and matte nails

    26. Blue and Green Acrylic Nail Design

    Blue nails, blue and green acrylic nail design

    27. Blue Heart Shape French Tips

    Blue nails, blue heart shape french tips

    28. Nude Nails with Dark Blue French Tips

    Blue nails, nude nails with dark blue french tips

    29. Pastel Pink and Gold Swirls

    Blue nails, pastel pink and gold swirls

    30. Ombre Nails with Artsy Painting

    Blue nails, ombre nails with artsy painting

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