Thursday, October 5, 2023

    30 Gorgeous Purple Nails

    If you are looking for some really gorgeous and unique purple nails, then you are in the right place. This color has become very popular in 2023, and a lot of girls love to get a new nail art which has a touch of purple in it, or maybe lavender, lilac, vampy purple color, etc.

    There are so many unique styles out there that would look amazing on your nails, from ombre to floral.  No matter what design you choose, you can’t go wrong with these purple hues. If you decide to show one of these nail designs to your nail artist, and end up getting the same nail art, then you will be really glad with your nail color. Especially spring coming, this color will look amazing.

    You can also achieve some of these nail designs at home by yourself with some purple nail polish and some nail tools. If you are very careful and meticulous with your nail polish, then you will surely get a great result afterwards. But if you have someplace very special to attend to and you want your nails to look great for that, then you should probably go to a nail artist and show them one of your favorite designs from this list.

    We have gathered some nail designs from different nail artists on Instagram, who are very talented and great at what they do. We have nail designs from Indigo designers, like pegi_nails. denasnails, polskiepaznokcie also play a great role in our inspiration.

    So we would highly recommend you to scroll through these nail designs to see which one of them is the closest to your heart and taste. And maybe you will end up getting a purple nail design this year. Remember that it is a really modern, rich and artsy color, and it will never lose its beauty and charm. And also don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Dark Bluish Purple Nails with Glitter and Pattern

    Dark purple nails

    2. Cat Eye Holographic Purple Glitter Nails

    Glitter purple nails

    3. Bright Lavender Nails, Matte Nails

    Bright purple nails

    4. Bright Velvet Purple Matte Nails with White Hearts

    5. Dark Vampy Purple Burgundy Nails with Glitters

    Burgundy purple nails

    6. Dark Bluish Purple Short Nails with Purple, White and Green Nail Art

    Blue purple nails

    7. Pastel Blue Lavender Nails with 3D Glitter Nail Design

    Glitter purple nails

    8. Lavender French Tip Nails with Rhinestones and Lavender Hearts

    French tip purple nails

    9. Long Acrylic Lavender Nails, Dark Purple Hearts and Cartoon Nail Art

    Long acrylic lavender purple nails

    10. Long Acrylic Lilac Nails with Gold Hearts

    Lilac purple nails

    30 Unique, Gorgeous Purple Nails, Purple Nail Designs for 2023: Dark Purple Nails, Light Purple Nails, Purple French Tip Nails

    11. Pastel Lavender Nails with Heart and French Tip Design

    Cute purple nails

    12. Purple Pink Nails, Cute Winter Nail Art

    Pink purple nails

    13. Long Acrylic Nails with Purple Artsy Nail Art French Tips

    Nail art, purple nails

    14. Lavender Emerald Nails

    Emerald purple nails

    15. Cute Purple Nail Design with Purple Swirls, Stars, Butterflies and Pearls

    Artsy purple nails

    16. Monochromatic Purple Cartoon Nails

    Cartoon purple nails

    17. Luxurious Glitter Nails with Grey, Blue and Purple Glitter

    18. Gorgeous Reflective Purple Nail Art

    19. Lavender and White Nail Art with Gold

    Lavender nail art, purple nails

    20. Lavender Butterfly Nails

    Butterfly purple nails

    Purple Nail Designs for 2023: Gorgeous and Artsy Dark Purple Nails, Light Purple Nails, Lavender Nails, Lilac Nails

    21. Light Lavender Flame French Tips Nails

    French tip purple nails

    22. Bright Lavender Nails and Artsy Lavender Glitter Art

    Lavender nail art, purple nails

    23. Vampy Purple Pink Nails, Matte Nails and Reflective Nails with Rhinestones

    Pink purple nails

    24. Lavender Nails, Colorful Pastel Nail Art with Glitter

    Pastel purple nails

    25. Dark Vampy Purple Burgundy Nails, Long Acrylic Nail Design

    26. White Nails with Artsy Purple Nail Art

    Purple nail art, purple nails

    27. Matte Lavender French Tip Nails with Dark Purple Hearts

    Monochromatic purple nails

    28. Split Lavender and Pink Nails with Lavender Velvet Hearts

    Split purple nails

    29. Purple Swirl Nails

    Swirl purple nails

    30. Dark Vampy Purple Ombre Nails with Sequins

    Ombre purple nails

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