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    20 Spring Nails: Perfect Nails for Wedding

    Spring brings so many colors with it and it makes everything lively again. These spring nails are perfect for a nice spring wedding. You can try one of these out because they are very trendy and very delicate.

    Spring nails, and overall spring nail art is very different and unique. That is because spring is a very beautiful time of the year and that’s the season when the whole nature wakes up and everything is colorful again. So if you have a wedding to attend in spring, you might as well try different spring colors.

    Check out these stunning spring nails and get your daily colorful styles overdose.

    1. Spring Acrylic Nails: Bluish Lavender Sparkly Nails

    This is such a unique color and this color looks really great with the little glitters hidden there. This is a very great idea for spring.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, bluish lavender sparkly nails

    2. Pastel Blue Short Nails

    For wedding nails you actually don’t have to get really long nails if you don’t like them. Then you can get this type of beautiful length and amazing color with those little diamonds on the ring finger.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, pastel blue short nails

    3. Pastel Pink with Painted Flowers

    If you are attended to a wedding and looking for wedding nail designs you might try this nail art. This is actually so artsy and gorgeous.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, pastel pink with painted flowers

    4. French with Colorful Glitter

    Do you like french? Then you can try to do something different with your french once and this is a great idea. This french will be in the center of attention because it’s not an everyday nail art.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, french with colorful glitter

    5. Blue French on Short Nails

    Like we’ve talked before short nails are really gorgeous. If you don’t feel comfortable having long nails then you can try this type of length. And for spring nails you might as well try this beautiful and vibrant blue.

    Wedding nails, spring nails, blue french on short nails

    6. Light Nails with “Gold” Details

    This color is actually very beautiful. This can totally fall into classy wedding nails category because the color and the whole art is very eyecatching.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, light nails with "gold" details

    7. Spring Nail Colors: Pastel Pink Nails with Gold Sparkles

    This shape of nails is actually perfevt for this type of soft and subtle nail art. The color and the delicate sparkles compliment this shape. These are spring nails and are gorgeous!

    Spring nails, wedding nails, pastel pink nails with gold sparkles

    8. Pink Ombre Nails

    There is a very slight and delicate ombre going on with these nails which is very cute. And also the trend of 2021-2022. Glitter and sparkles are very important.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, pink ombre nails

    9. Pink Ombre with Holographic Detailing

    The same amazing color but this holographic detailing is actually really cute. Wedding nails in spring are really rich in colors, sparkles and amazing details.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, pink ombre with holographic detailing

    10. Chocolate Overload

    Different brown and beige shades for spring are really beautiful. They’re neutral but they make everything look very marvelous.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, chocolate overload

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    11. Matte Nails

    Matte is also a very good idea. This matte with these colors is stunning and the little “foil” details on the two fingers take this art to another level.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, matte nails

    12. Spring Nail Colors: Blue and White Butterfly Fantasy

    Spring nails are so nice, right? This little butterfly and the colors are very beautiful and you can totally do this for a nice spring wedding.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, blue and white butterfly fantasy

    13. White Nails with Colorful Polka Dots

    Colorful polka dots is what you need for a nice sptring weather. This is a very cute nail art for a casual spring day or a classy event in spring.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, white nails with colorful polka dots

    14. Sage Green Nails

    Sage green is also very trendy right now. This particular shade of green is a perfect idea for spring nails.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, sage green nails

    15. Baby Pink Nails with Pink Glitter French

    This is a whole different type of very satisfying nail art for spring. Glitter french really caught my eye and it’s really adorable.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, baby pink nails with pink glitter french

    16. Yellow “Empty” French

    Such a unique idea which is actually worth trying for spring. It’s very subtle. Spring wedding nails should actually look something like this.

    Wedding nails, spring nails, yellow "empty" french

    17. Colorful Swirls

    This is also the same type of very subtle and delicate nail art for spring. Colors, glitters and the beautiful nail shape are all perfectly great for spring.

    Srping nails, wedding nails, colorful swirls

    18. Light Sage Green Nails

    All the different nail arts on this picture are really artsy and stylish. Ypu will never get bored looking at your nails like this.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, light sage green

    19. Long and Lavender Nails

    Lavender is such a satisfying color. And if you feel comfortable with long nails like these, then you can try this type of art for spring.

    Spring nails, wedding nails, long and lavender nails

    20. Lavender Swirls

    The same amazing color with its shades but on this square shaped nails. Which is also a very great look.

    Wedding nails, spring nails, lavender swirls

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