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    20 Outfits with Long Shorts to Feel Great

    If you are someone like me who likes shorts for hot weather, but feels a little out of place in really short shorts, then long shorts, also known as dad shorts, are for you. Long shorts are actually very stylish and they make your outfit look a lot more unique and interesting. Looking at these casual outfit ideas with long jean shorts, or flowy shorts, you will definitely want to have some shorts like that in your wardrobe. You can pair them with basically any top you want, and wear the cute and stylish outfit out. You will feel really comfortable and cozy in your outfit, especially if it is really hot outside in summertime.

    Long shorts can be great for a classy style, too. If it is very hot, and you want to wear something light and cozy for work, or college, and you still want to look classy, follow the dress codes, then you can wear a pair of long classy shorts, which look great with some heels and a nice classy blouse.

    So there are a lot of ways to style your long and most comfortable shorts for your summer days. Wearing some cute accessories with your outfit, taking a nice cute bag with you can also be a great way to uplift your style for the day. And you can also wear sneakers, heels, flats, anything you would like to wear with your outfit.

    Shorts have become really common to wear to special occasions, too. Some brides even like to rock a wedding dress with shorts. It is quite cool, because an outfit with shorts is the most comfortable idea you can ever imagine.

    So go ahead and check out these cutest and coziest outfits with shorts, to discover whether you like wearing shorts, and maybe you will go ahead and try out a new style with some cozy, classy, trendy shorts. And don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Light Wash Long Jean Shorts and Cropped T Shirt

    Long shorts, light wash long jean shorts and cropped t shirt

    Dark and Skinny Longer Jean Shorts and Black Tank Top

    Long shorts, dark and skinny longer jean shorts and black tank top

    Sage Blue Oversized Shorts and Pastel Tank Top

    Long shorts, sage blue oversized shorts and pastel tank top

    Long Black Jean Shorts and Burgundy T Shirt

    Long shorts, long black jean shorts and burgundy t shirt

    Wide Leg Light Wash Jean Shorts, White Crop Top and Leather Jacket

    Long shorts, wide leg light wash jean shorts, white crop top and leather jacket

    Straight Leg Long Jean Shorts and White Tank Top

    Long shorts, straight leg long jean shorts and white tank top

    Light Wash Mom Shorts and Pastel Blue Tank Top

    Long shorts, light wash mom shorts and pastel blue tank top

    Long Mom Denim Shorts and Cute White Tank Top

    Long shorts, long mom denim shorts and cute white tank top

    Black Mom Shorts and White Crop Top with Baggy Blouse Jacket

    Long shorts, black mom shorts and white crop top

    Long Black Leather Shorts and White Crop Top

    Long shorts, long black leather shorts and white crop top

    20 Outfit Ideas with Long Shorts: Shorts Outfit is the Greatest and Most Comfortable Outfit Ever: Black Denim Shorts, White Denim Shorts, and Amazing Dad Shorts for Summer 2022, to Make You Look Cozy, Comfortable, and in Your Comfort Zone

    Long Mom Shorts and Oversized Tee

    Long shorts, long mom shorts and oversized tee

    Oversized Black Shorts and Beige Sweatshirt

    Long shorts, oversized black shorts and beige sweatshirt

    Longer Mom Shorts with White Oversized Blouse

    Long shorts, longer mom shorts with white oversized blouse

    Long Low Rise Oversized Jean Shorts and Oversized Sweatshirt

    Long shorts, long low rise oversized jean shorts and oversized sweatshirt

    White Baggy Denim Shorts and Flower Print Cropped Tank Top

    Long shorts, white baggy denim shorts and flower print cropped tank top

    Mom Denim Shorts, Cute White Top and Green Blouse Jacket

    Long shorts, mom denim shorts, cute white top and green blouse jacket

    Dark Grey Long Jean Shorts and Bright Orange Cute Top

    Long shorts, dark grey long jean shorts and bright orange cute top

    Cream White Long Wide Leg Shorts, White Crop Top and Dark Blue Blazer

    Long shorts, cream white long wide leg shorts, white crop top and dark blue blazer

    Long Baggy Beige Shorts and Dark Brown Sleeveless Top

    Long shorts, long baggy beige shorts and dark brown sleeveless top

    Long Sweatpants Shorts and Black Crop Top

    Long shorts, long sweatpants shorts and black crop top

    These outfits with a pair of long shorts are really comfortable. And you will never ever regret having some long denim shorts, flowy, baggy shorts in your wardrobe.

    If you actually enjoyed these outfit ideas, then you should definitely go ahead and check out our flowy dresses, crochet set outfits, hippie girl outfits, aesthetic outfit ideas, cute summer outfits, baggy outfits, all white outfit ideas, etc to choose your perfect summer style, summer outfit idea for 2022.

    Thank you very much for checking us out!

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