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    20 Most Interesting Neon Makeup Looks

    Have you ever thought about really upgrading your makeup game and doing something unique and different, and why not, something extra? These neon makeup looks are for you, then. Because neon is such a bright, vibrant and cool color it will look great as an eyeshadow, or eyeliner too. You can do so much with neon, and different shades of neon. You can go ahead and color your entire face, creating a very interesting and specific makeup look for a holiday, or maybe a party. Or you can just do a simple eyeliner, or eyeshadow. It will catch glances, at the same time it will make you stand out with your fierce makeup look.

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    But first, let us discuss what looks you can do with neon, so that it looks great with your whole makeup look, outfit, hair, etc. If you are doing neon eyeliner, or eyeshadow, you can keep the rest of your face makeup a little softer and more natural. Because the party and all eyes are on your neon makeup look, so you don’t need to do anything really extra with the rest of your face makeup.

    Neon graphic eyeliner, or eyeshadow will look great with a smokey eyeshadow look, too. You will see a lot of various twists on neon makeup looks in this posts and you can choose what is perfect for you, for your character, for your outfit choice for the day.

    So go ahead and check out these cool neon makeup looks and don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Neon Yellow Eyeliner with Graphic Eyeliner Twist

    Neon makeup, neon yellow eyeliner with graphic eyeliner twist

    2. Neon Yellow Eyeshadow with Eyeliner

    Neon makeup, neon yellow eyeshadow with eyeliner

    3. Soft and Subtle Neon Pink Eyeliner Look

    Neon makeup, soft and subtle neon pink eyeliner look

    4. Artsy Neon Eyeliner

    Neon makeup, artsy neon eyeliner

    5. Neon Green Graphic Eyeliner Look

    Neon makeup, neon green graphic eyeliner look

    6. Neon Orange Smokey Eyeshadow Look

    Neon makeup, neon orange smokey eyeshadow look

    7. Neon Orange Graphic Eyeliner Look with Full Face Nude Makeup

    Neon makeup, neon orange graphic eyeliner look with full face nude makeup

    8. Soft Neon Yellow Artsy Eyeliner Look

    Neon makeup, soft neon yellow artsy eyeliner look

    9. Neon Blue Full Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look

    Neon makeup, neon blue full cut crease eyeshadow look

    10. Neon Yellow Eyeshadow Look with Brown Smoked out Eyeshadow

    Neon makeup, neon yellow eyeshadow look with brown smoked out eyeshadow

    20 Neon Makeup Looks for Your Extra Makeup Look: Neon Eyeliner and Neon Eyeshadow Looks to Make Your Whole Makeup Look Pop and Make You Really Unique

    11. Neon Green Lower Lashline Eyeshadow with Black Graphic Eyeliner

    Neon makeup, neon green lower lashline eyeshadow with black graphic eyeliner

    12. Neon Pink Eyeliner with Pink Smokey Eyeshadow Look

    Neon makeup, neon pink eyeliner with pink smokey eyeshadow look

    13. Neon Yellow Inner Corners and Neon Orange Swooped out Eyeshadow

    Neon makeup, neon yellow inner corners and neon orange swooped out eyeshadow

    14. Natural Makeup Look with Soft and Subtle Neon Green Eyeliner

    Neon makeup, natural makeup look with soft and subtle neon green eyeliner

    15. Neon Yellow Shadow and Eyeliner with Black Eyeliner

    Neon makeup, neon yellow shadow and eyeliner with black eyeliner

    16. Neon Yellow Liner with Purple Graphic Liner

    Neon makeup, neon yellow liner with purple graphic liner

    17. Neon Yellow Inner Corners and Waterline

    Neon makeup, neon yellow inner corners and waterline

    18. Neon Blue Graphic Eyeliner with Neon Pink Inner Corner Eyeliner

    Neon makeup, neon blue graphic eyeliner with neon pink inner corner eyeliner

    19. Neon Orange Eyeshadow Look with Vibrant Blue Graphic Eyeliner

    Neon makeup, neon orange eyeshadow look with vibrant blue graphic eyeliner

    20. Neon and Shiny Inner Corner Eyeshadow Look

    Neon makeup, neon and shiny inner corner eyeshadow look

    These neon makeup looks are really cool, eyecatching and amazing because they are really unique. You can never go wrong with a neon liner, or eyeshadow. You can give it a try and have the coolest neon eyeshadow look once in a while. But if you’re not into very extra makeup looks, you can try some of those subtle and soft, nearly natural makeup looks. They add so much to your face, eyes and they show off your character.

    Hope you enjoyed looking through these looks and maybe chose your favorite one, which hopefully will become your go to makeup look. Thank you for checking us out!

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