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    20 Magnificent Wedding Makeup Looks for 2023

    Getting married in 2023? Looking for some unique wedding makeup looks, wedding makeup ideas that are trending this year? Then we are happy to claim that you found 20 unique, artsy, yet simple and delicate wedding makeup looks, which will steal your attention.

    Wedding makeup trends 2023 are actually pretty simple. As we have spoken a lot on our blog, 2023 is full of colors. And using colors in your bride makeup look will be an amazing idea. But if you’re a lover of neutrals, and simple smokey makeup looks, then we have some ideas here you can choose.

    So have a great time scrolling and enjoying these amazing wedding makeup looks. And don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Angel Wings

    Cut creases, graphic eyeliners became famous a couple of years ago, and the trend is still going strong. Such a unique makeup look for your wedding will turn some heads! People will notice your amazing makeup and you will definitely pleased with your look, which will go perfectly with the veil and the white dress as well.

    Brown Smokey Eye

    This is a very romantic and simple date makeup look which will look amazing for your wedding too. If you like neutrals, and and you like simple brown smokey eye, then you can go for a dark aesthetic like this. Your white dress will lighten up your appearance and everything will tie up.

    Wedding makeup, brown smokey eye
    Photo by @natasa.st_

    Dark and Luring

    Dark waterline eyeliner is not meant for every eye shape, because sometimes it closes your eyes and makes them look small. Which is not what a lot of us want. But this type of piercing and smokey makeup looks so elegant. And if you have an eye shape appropriate for dark eyeliner all over than go for it!

    Wedding makeup, dark and luring
    Photo by @beautyleaders

    Natural and Delicate

    There is not much going on on the eyes. The eyeshadow is pretty neutral, there is a tight liner and simple contour. And of course a neutral lip color which looks awesome with this eye makeup. This is a type of look perfect for those who don’t want to go too crazy with an artsy makeup look, and want to stay soft, natural and simply gorgeous.

    Wedding makeup, natural and delicate
    Photo by @shari.mua

    Neutral Smokey Eye with Brown Eyeliner

    Just a simple brown winged liner with some smokiness on the eyes. This is a makeup look you can wear everywhere, but a makeup look like this on a gorgeous bride is a perfect match!

    Sparkly Foxy Eye

    This is one of those cool makeup looks that will look amazing on a bride who is a little artsy, and a real makeup lover. Imagine this look with a tight ponytail which will emphasize those foxy eyes!

    Wedding makeup, sparkly foxy eye
    Photo by @baby_bylorraine

    Blushy and Neutral

    It’s not news to anyone in this era that blush is awesome! Blush is very popular and it looks good with any makeup look. But sometimes with an eye makeup look that’s too colorful and too eyecatching lots of blush will look a little extra. In this case blush is on point. Because her eye makeup is neutral smokey eye and everything work well together.

    Wedding makeup, blushy and neutral
    Photo by @wickedbeautykw

    Cat Eye with White Waterline

    This is a great party makeup look as well. The black and white intensity is very clever and very cool I think. This look will be amazing for your wedding day.

    Wedding makeup, cat eye with white waterline
    Photo by @anitatirpe

    Neutral and Glamorous

    There’s nothing easier than having a neutral, simple and at the same time classy makeup look like this for your wedding day. Some contour on the eyes, some long false lashes and a neutral lipstick will be a great look for any bride.

    Peachy Cutie

    The little peachy eyeshadow looks so adorable. And to give your eyes that foxiness and the shape you can add a fading baby wing. This will make you look adorable and captivating.

    Wedding makeup, peachy cutie
    Photo by @douyin__makeup

    Amazing Wedding Makeup Looks 2023: Wedding Makeup Ideas, Wedding Makeup Trends 2023: What’s Popping in 2023? Choose Your Appealing Wedding Makeup Look among These ones!

    Piercing Smokey Eye

    I decided to call this look piercing because the smokiness and the darkness of this look is out of this world. The makeup will be visible from a long distance, because it’s piercing.

    Wedding makeup, piercing smokey eye
    Photo by @a.kaspersky

    Reflective Eyeshadow

    The “wet eyeshadow” is always a gorgeous idea. It reflects, it sparkles it lures and it makes your eyes look big. Don’t forget about a lipgloss to tie everything together like a champ.

    Wedding makeup, reflective eyeshadow
    Photo by @patyna_makeup

    Spotlight Liner

    This is an intense makeup look for a gorgeous bride! If you don’t like too much going on makeup-wise then this is not for you. But trying out something new and extra is great, so if you like the colors, if you like the styles, then just go ahead and enjoy.

    Wedding makeup, spotlight liner
    Photo by @miss_alla_makeup

    Brown Elegant Smokey Eye

    Swooped out smokey eye is perfect for every occasion. But it is actually a spot-on bride makeup look.

    Cute Girl Makeup

    If you’re getting married in summer then your wedding makeup might look like this: a simple summer makeup look which is so darn adorable!

    Wedding makeup, cute girl makeup
    Photo by @dear___deer

    Gorgeous Lavender with Glitter

    Talking about wedding makeup looks 2023, wedding makeup trends 2023 we have mentioned a lot of ideas to make your eyes look bigger, foxy and captivating. And this is one of those ideas where your eyes will look so gorgeous with that simple sparkle and lightness on the lower lashline. And of course lots of blush!

    Neutral Smokey Eye

    Again lots of blush and smokiness on the eyes. The smokiness is not a lot, but it’s enough to make your eye makeup pop!

    Pearl Wings

    If you like pearls, rhinestones then you will probably look at this and be like “wow!” I sure do because this is an amazing makeup idea for a bride. Pearl wings and simple eyeliner – artsy and unique makeup art for makeup lovers.

    Wedding makeup, pearl wings
    Photo by @justfaashiion

    Rose Gold Eyeshadow with Eyeliner

    Rose gold eyeshadow gives your eyes a really delicate touch in general. This is a very simple, yet very delicate and light wedding makeup look.

    Wedding makeup, rose gold eyeshadow with eyeliner
    Photo by @kuzmina_stylist

    Summer Wedding Makeup

    Wedding makeup looks can be colorful! This color combination is so cute and so on point, that you wanna look and admire.

    Summer wedding makeup
    Photo by @florian_fuell

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