Thursday, October 5, 2023

    20 Cruise Outfit Ideas for Your Perfect Summer Vacation

    There is a myth that on a cruise you have to be smartly and expensively dressed, respectively take with you a suitcase full of outfits.  This is a big confusion. In fact, cruisers on board dress very casually, as on any beach vacation. There are no requirements or restrictions.

    As you already know, you are usually free to dress casually onboard ships. Most events are informal in style. It’s actually quite simple. However, more formal apparel is expected during formal evenings. For most evenings you will need clothes in a semi-formal style. For women, skirts or pants, blouses, and casual dresses will work. 

    Formal evening requires suits or dresses for women. That means your outfit doesn’t have to be pure silk, but it does have to be elegant. Think of flowing cotton dresses, silk mixes, and pantsuit combinations that you would wear to a symphony orchestra concert or to a nice restaurant.

    As in any other trip, going on a sea cruise, do not take too many clothes. But in doing so, you should be clear about what kind of clothes and accessories you will need on the boat.

    Depending on the occasion, if you are going on an excursion, focus on casual. If you’re going into town, it’s appropriate to wear clothes from your daytime closet.

    Put a hat in your suitcase and don’t forget sunglasses. You can also include headbands, bandanas, scarves if the situation or style requires it.

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