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20 Best Preppy Makeup Looks for Smarties

20 Best Preppy Makeup Looks for Smarties
Photo by @emmawatsonisbeautiful

Preppy makeup looks are the best to do in the morning when you’re in a hurry and you don’t have a lot of time to do a full glam. You can just put on some mascara, soft and delicate eyeliner, lipgloss, some blush and maybe concealer and leave the house for school or work.

And we want to show you some preppy makeup ideas that you can achieve if you are not sure what to do with your makeup every day. There are some fun ideas here, and some natural and simple ideas, which are easy and not at all complicated.

So go ahead, have a good time scrolling, enjoying and getting your daily syles overdose!

All Natural with a Little Darkness

Going to classes or to work in the morning can be a little stressful. Sometimes we simply don’t have time to do a full face of makeup, although we might want to. So this is one of the ideas you can try out if you are into natural glam. The delicate contour on the crease gives the eyes depth and makes them look piercing. And the soft light pink lip color will make sure you don’t look too pale.

Preppy Makeup, All Natural with a Little Darkness
Photo by @kindredblack

Delicate White Waterline and Natural Eyeshadow

Preppy makeup doesn’t have to be neutral. You can do white waterline eyeliner like this, and go on with your day. White eyeliner really opens up your eyes, making them look bigger and more awake. White waterline makeup looks are considered to be unique makeup looks because the white waterline can be visible from the distance, but in a good way!

Preppy Makeup, Delicate White Waterline and Natural Eyeshadow
Photo by @brushedbysaquina

Natural and Preppy

This is one of the most natural looks on this list. This is a no-makeup makeup look with a little balm on the lips and just a tiny bit of mascara.

Preppy Makeup, Natural and Preppy
Photo by @am.e.lie

Natural Look for Stunning Green Eyes

Green eyes are unique themselves, but makeup for green eyes is something out of this world. This is a really soft makeup look, which looks gorgeous with her green eyes. The sparkly inner corners give your eyes that foxy look, and make them look bigger. And if you are going for a preppy makeup look, then you’d better go for a nude lip color like hers.

Smartie Glam Makeup Look

This look might not be the best preppy makeup for school, but it could be a great makeup for work! If you want to find great makeup for glasses, then this is a great one.

Preppy Makeup, Smartie Glam Makeup Look
Photo by @maggxo_makeup

White Waterline Mascara and Lipgloss

White waterline again! It looks great with her eye color. And pop a little lip gloss, some blush and your preppy makeup of the day is ready.

Preppy Makeup, White Waterline Mascara and Lipgloss
Photo by @autymsanson

Black Waterline

For some of us black waterline is not the best idea. Because it closes the eyes making them look a little smaller. But it can be a great preppy makeup look according to you eye shape. If you feel like it closes your eyes too much, then skip that step.

Preppy Makeup, Black Waterline
Photo by @jessica_jn

Long Lashes

There have been days in all of our lives that we didn’t want to wear any makeup, but we put on some mascara and went out of the house. Mascara is a great way to have no-makeup makeup look!

Preppy Makeup, Long Lashes
Photo by @onparledemode

Natural and Sunkissed

Just a little bit of contour on the eyes and some blush make you look so healthy and ready for the day!

Preppy Makeup, Natural and Sunkissed
Photo by @ugeze19

Natural Look with Soft Eyeshadow

What is the best eyeshadow for blue eyes? Usually neutral brown eyeshadow looks the best with blue eyes. This is a perfect preppy makeup look if you have blue eyes.

Preppy Makeup, Natural Look with Soft Eyeshadow
Photo by @feelbee_beauty

Preppy Makeup Looks for Smart and Intelligent Beauties to Get Ready in the Morning! Makeup for School, Makeup for Work, Makeup for College and Uni

Brown Eyeshadow with Dark Eyeliner

If you’re a fan of smokey makeup looks then I chose this one especially for you! With the glasses this is a gorgeous look to go to work. Of course, if you have extra time to do your makeup in the morning, this might be a great start!

Preppy Makeup, Brown Eyeshadow with Dark Eyeliner
Photo by @ladiesin.ba

Makeup for School

As foxy eye makeup trend continues to be relevant in 2023, you can find some ways to imitate that shape, even if you don’t have it naturally. And putting lighter reflective colors on your inner corners, then elongating the outer eyelashes will be a great way to go.

Preppy Makeup, Makeup for School
Photo by @ledy.sl

Natural Brown Smokey Eye

The face makeup is natural and sunkissed with some contour and bronze. The eye makeup look is pretty smokey and glamorous. This is one of those preppy makeup looks that you can wear for college, university or work. Or maybe a special event.

Preppy Makeup, Natural Brown Smokey Eye
Photo by @metrolooknyc

Red Mascara

If you want to be a preppy girl, and you’re still an artsy girl at heart, then you should try out colored mascaras. They are so fun!

Soft Eyeliner

We all love a nice and natural looking eyeliner, which elongates the eyes making them look foxy and glamorous.

Delicate Retro Style Natural Makeup Look

I named this preppy makeup look retro, because the whole look with the outfit and everything is retro and fairycore. But the makeup is pretty natural and delicate. The vampy colors dominate though.

Preppy Makeup, Delicate Retro Style Natural Makeup Look
Photo by @lacemadeofficial

Modern Smokey Eye

This is one of the smokey eye preppy makeup looks that look very natural. But when you take a closer look you notice that this look is pretty sophisticated.

Natural Eyeliner with Nude Lipstick

Just a little contouring and short winged eyeliner. Perfect makeup look to do every day in the morning!

Preppy Makeup, Natural Eyeliner with Nude Lipstick
Photo by @lacemadeofficial

Shimmery Champaigne with Eyeliner

Shimmery eyeshadows are always so stunning. Whatever color shimmeries you decide to do, they will look amazing. But if you are going for a preppy makeup look, then it’s better to do a simple shimmery champaigne.

Preppy Makeup, Shimmery Champaigne with Eyeliner
Photo by @julia__dittrich

White Lower Lashes

White lower lashline, waterline and eyelashes will make your eyes look big and awake!

Preppy Makeup, White Lower Lashes
Photo by @makeuptubaesen

These preppy makeup looks are so easy to achieve! If you think that doing makeup steals your time, and it’s not worth it, then maybe some of these looks have shifted your opinion. We highly suggest you subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with every single trend and newest style.

Thank you so much for coming over and checking us out. Hope to see you here again soon!