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    20 Best and Coolest Egirl Hair Ideas

    Egirl hair is very popular because it’s actually a very cool idea. If you are committed to changing your hairstyle and getting those beautiful blonde or colorful highlights in your hair, then you should definitely try this trend. This trend is actually very fun. It has everything in it and you can maintain your natural hair color, and get those beautiful edgy twists in your style. Some of these looks are very chill and in your comfort zone. For example, the blonde streaks. They are like blonde balayage, but edgier. Because balayage is a very artsy and elegant look, and the egirl hairstyles are cool and very unique.

    Egirl looks definitely differ from anything that’s out there. There are colored face framing pieces, bangs, or maybe underlayer of your hair. No matter which one you’re getting, you’ll still look very unique and gorgeous. These looks are not at all difficult to get, because you don’t need to be as cautious as you have to be while doing a balayage. But, of course, if you do these right and correctly you are gonna get the most amazing look.

    So don’t back down, if you are willing to get an egirl look. They look good on everyone. All you have to do is just decide which color is good on you, and whether you are willing to take the risk of getting a very crazy color. If you’re not a risk taker, just get the blonde one, and it will still be a bomb look. This is not the most extreme change, and you can always go back to your natural hair color, because you’re just coloring a few pieces of your hair.

    So check out these beautiful, fierce, edgy and gorgeous egirl hair color ideas and don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Blonde Front Streaks and a Few Highlights

    This is a statment perfect example of the famous egirl trend. And this is a very beautiful and artsy idea. You won’t regret if you do something like this. This looks gorgeous on her hair length, and it will look awesome on short hair too.

    Egirl hair, blonde front streaks and a few highlights

    2. Brown Burgundy Hair Color and Sandy Blonde Streaks Egirl Hair

    20 best and coolest egirl hair ideas • styles overdose

    3. Platinum Blonde Overlayer and Black Underlayer E girl Hair

    20 best and coolest egirl hair ideas • styles overdose

    4. Silver Blonde Underlayer Egirl Hairstyle

    Egirl hair, silver blonde underlayer egirl hairstyle

    5. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color and Honey Blonde Streaks

    Egirl hair, strawberry blonde hair color and honey blonde streaks

    Egirl Hair Ideas of 2022: Egirl Hair Color Ideas, Egirl Hair Streaks to Boost up Your Style

    6. Light Blonde Little Front Streaks

    Egirl hair, light blonde little front streaks

    7. Honey Blonde Streaky Highlights

    Egirl hair, honey blonde streaky highlights

    8. Ash Blonde Egirl Hair Streaks

    20 best and coolest egirl hair ideas • styles overdose

    9. Sandy Blonde Little Front Egirl Hair Streaks

    20 best and coolest egirl hair ideas • styles overdose

    10. Soft and Subtle Sandy Blonde Front Hair Streaks

    Egirl hair, soft and subtle sandy blonde front hair streaks

    11. Blonde Balayage and Platinum Blonde Front Egirl Hair Streaks

    20 best and coolest egirl hair ideas • styles overdose

    These all were the blonde and natural egirl hairstyles, and front hair streaks. Because blonde is a very natural looking color, the streaks also look more or less natural. But we are now passing to more crazy colors, which look fierce if you are willing to take a risk and color your underlayer hair, or maybe front streaks blue, green, vibrant red or pink. You will see that they are actually so fierce and they make you look like a barbie. They add so much shine, healthiness and movement to you hair, make them more interesting and make sure they are never dull.

    So check out these beautiful colorful hair streak ideas, and see which one of them is actually your go to hair color.

    12. Blue Egirl Hair Streaks

    Blue egirl hair streaks

    13. Pink Egirl Hair Streaks with Front Pink Pieces

    20 best and coolest egirl hair ideas • styles overdose

    14. Blue to Lavender Ombre Underlayer Egirl Style

    Egirl hair, blue to lavender ombre underlayer egirl style

    15. Burgundy Underlayer Egirl Style

    Egirl hair, burgundy underlayer egirl style

    16. Sage Blue Front Hair Streaks

    Egirl hair, sage blue front hair streaks

    17. Ginger Hair with Lime Green Underlayer

    Egirl hair, ginger hair with lime green underlayer

    18. Lavender Front Streaks and Underlayer

    Egirl hair, lavender front streaks and underlayer

    19. Red Hair Streaks Egirl Style

    Egirl hair, red hair streaks egirl style

    20. Red Front Hair Streaks and Highlights

    Egirl hair, red front hair streaks and highlights

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