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    16 Perfect Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

    Burgundy hair color is a really great idea for those stunning risk-takers who actually want a fierce change. Of course, there are lots of shades of burgundy-burgundy red, burgundy brown, dark burgundy, and all of them look really different. Some of them are very eyecatching, whereas the others are simple, subtle and flawless.

    So you can decide which category you fall into if you are willing to color your hair burgundy. We have all the beautiful burgundy shades in this post and you can decide which one speaks to you the most! All of these dark burgundy hair, burgundy red hair, burgundy brown hair ideas are here waiting for your decision.

    So check out these wonderful burgundy hair color ideas and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Dark Burgundy Brown

    This is actually a great idea for those people who want to have that slight burgundy definition in their natural hair color. This color will be so perfect under the sunlight. You will definitely not regret this type of dark burgundy hair.

    Burgundy hair color, dark burgundy brown

    2. Burgundy Red Balayage

    Balayage is a really trendy and cute hairstyle and balayage with that burgundy twist is such an amazing idea! This burgundy red hair balayage will definitely get some looks and make your style much more fierce and artsy.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy red balayage

    3. Burgundy Purple

    This is also one shade of burgundy which looks amazing. Especially on these curls! If you have curly hair you can try out this shade of burgundy because it’s so vibrant and your curls will pop with this color.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy purple

    4. Burgundy Dark Red Hair

    The definition, the shine and the vibrant gloos on this color are out of this world. The transition from that really dark cherry burgundy to light delicious burgundy red is perfect. You will be so glad if you try this style.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy dark red hair

    5. Burgundy Brown

    The color and the haircut are perfect for each other. If you have this type of bob and you want to color your hair burgundy you may try this shade, because it’s so subtle, natural, but at the same time very unique and vibrant.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy brown

    6. Burgundy Purple Ombre

    Dark burgundy hair color is actually what you need if you want to keep your natural color, but at the same time have some variation and shine in your hair. Burgundy ombre is actually perfect for that. So go ahead, and if you like this color, try this out on your natural hair color and you will be so glad.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy purple ombre

    7. Burgundy Red Balayage

    This color is so shiny. This shade actually reflects light a lot. So it ends up being really shiny, glossy and fierce. If you are into an extreme makeover and you like burgundy, this is what you need!

    Burgundy hair color, 7. Burgundy red balayage

    8. Burgundy Red Highlights

    All those highlights and lowlights on her natural hair color are perfectly wonderful. They give her hair so much definition and shine that no one would be indifferent to this color.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy red highlights

    Burgundy Hair Color Ideas of 2022: Dark Burgundy Hair, Burgundy Red Hair, Burgundy Dark Red Hair, Burgundy Brown Hair, Burgundy Vampy and Purple Hair Ideas to Make You Look Extra Trendy

    9. Burgundy Vampy Balayage

    There are so many undertones in this color and it’s perfect for a beautiful balayage moment. If you would like to do your whole hair with this color or some little pieces, that’s also a very great idea, and it will look really good. But balayage is very artsy and flawless.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy vampy balayage

    10. Burgundy Red Curls

    These burgundy red highlights on her natural hair are out of this world! They make the curls shinier, healthier, and every little curl is defined and popping.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy red curls

    11. Burgundy Dark Red Hair

    As we’ve talked before burgundy is a very shiny color itself. And who doesn’t like shiny and healthy looking hair? Her hair looks amazing in this color and the waves, the length are all very beautiful, but that’s a completely different story with this hair color.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy dark red hair

    12. Dark Burgundy Hair

    The bob with this dark vampy burgundy is an amazing idea. It looks so artsy and fun. You will definitely look very unique with this hair color. And it will show your unique personality.

    Burgundy hair color, dark burgundy hair

    13. Stunning Burgundy Pink Balayage

    There is so much shine and fun color moment going on in this hairstyle. This is artsy, perfect, and really different. So if you want to try something that will be extremely different from anything else, you can try this shade and beautiful balayage.

    Burgundy hair color, stunning burgundy pink balayage

    14. Burgundy Cherry Red

    Burgundy and those Hollywood waves together are a dream come true. Burgundy is very trendy in 2022 and this shade is so rich and vibrant that everybody will be looking at your hair and complimenting it.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy cherry red

    15. Burgundy and Vampy

    Vampy actually has lots of purple undertones and burgundy is rich in red undertones but these two together make this amazing mix which has so much to unpack! This is a stunning color and it will sparkle literally under the sunlight.

    Burgundy hair color, burgundy and vampy

    16. Burgundy Front Pieces

    This type of hairstyle is for those people who don’t want to have the biggest change in their hair color but still want to try out this amazing shade. Burgundy is such a nice shade and it actually looks surprisingly natural on her hair color. You can try this out. You will be very trendy, stylish and artsy, and of course, you will have a slight but gorgeous change in your look.

    Burgundy hair color. Burgundy front pieces

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