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    15 Trendy Haircolor Ideas

    1. Highlights

    If you have dark hair and want to have some variety, you can try this cool toned style which make your color extra shiny.

    Ashy highlights and lowlights

    2. Balayage

    This airtouch looks gorgeous and very natural. If you are interested in a very artistic color you can try this beige one.

    Beige balayage airtouch

    3. Ombre

    This warm toned fantasy gives your look a shiny touch and changes your appearance. You can try this out if you’re looking for a nice change in your appearance.

    Ombre and wavy hair

    4. Platinum Blonde

    Pure white color is a complete change for you. It looks cute on this type of bob and makes you glow!

    Blonde bob
    Platinum Blonde on Bob

    4. Underlayer Color

    This is one of the newest trends which surprises others with hidden colored strands. It’s a fun change and is worth trying. You can be a brunette and a blonde at the same time.

    Platinum blonde underlayer
    Brunette and Blonde

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    6. Streaky Highlights

    A very interesting style which looks great! Those perfect blonde lines with dark color will compliment your look. If you are a little more daring, you can try and make those lines even more obvious.

    Blonde lines on dark hair

    7. Vibrant Red

    Red is such a shiny color. Not everyone is into red, however it looks gorgeous. You can as well try to do a natural ginger color or a vibrant red. We introduce you to the second one which can look great with any skintone.

    Vibrant shiny red
    Red Velvet

    8. Lavender Highlights

    Lavender/violet is getting trendier and trendier. This is one of the shades that look more natural on everybody. Especially lightened pieces can give your look a very natural and, at the same time, different touch. You can try this look if you like lavender and be your best!

    Lavender aesthetic

    9. Egirl Style

    These blonde strands framing the face make a little change but they change your appearance and the way you feel about yourself. This is a relatively new style and is very popular. It can make you feel young and brave. You are not bleaching your whole head, you just change those two little pieces and it gives you a complete makeover.

    Blonde framing pieces
    Trendy Egirl Look

    10. Pink

    Pink with root shadow and purple ends looks so stunning. Bubble gum pink is the princess color and a dream come true. And root shadow makes it easier to grow out and still look great. Apparantly, it’s a big change and if you are commited then go for it! This color looks great on neutral skintones and is very eyecatching.

    Bubble gum pink with purple
    Bubble Gum Pink

    Crazy Colors and Big Change

    11. Green Balayage

    If you like this style and some crazy colors you can try to do this green look. You don’t color your whole head with green, you just do an artistic color change and it looks bomb. Not everyone is into green but if you are interested you might like this trend.

    Light green color

    12. Copper

    Such a vibrant and shiny look! This firy color can completely change your appearance and make you feel brave. This color looks great on this cut. It will as well be gorgeous on long hair and even shorter pixie cut.

    Orange hair
    Hair on Fire

    13. Honey Blonde

    This warm toned blonde style is gorgeous. Becoming blonde is a great change for brunettes and if you are interested in completely lightening your head you might like this shade of blonde. This is not platinum or yellow toned, this is baby blonde and is very shiny and healthy looking.

    Blonde hair
    Baby Blonde

    14. Jet Black

    Jet black sometimes appears blue under certain lighting. It’s very shiny and very very black. If you like how black looks on you then you can try it out because that looks natural but at the same time it’s not dull at all. It’s like a black velvet.

    Black hair
    Blue Black

    15. Natural Ginger

    This light brown gingery color looks super adorable on curly cuties. It makes the curls look shiny and healthy. It would look great on straight and wavy hair too.

    Curly hair

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