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    15 Reverse Cat Eye Looks Perfect for You

    Reverse cat eye makeup look is a spin on very smokey and very fierce winged eyeliner. But the name suggests that the eyeliner is reversed, and it concentrates on the lower lashline. It is actually similar to regular winged liner, it’s just inverted, and it gives your eyes that cat eye twist, which is really really popular in 2022. The result is a smoky, sultry undereye that wings out at the corner to create a fierce shape.

    Eyeliner looks, in general are really popular, and there are different spins on eyeliner looks to make them a lot more fierce, unique and different from anything out there. For example, graphic eyeliner looks, which have become really trendy after Euphoria has aired. And, thus euphoria makeup, and a lot of euphoria inspired makeup ideas have become integral parts of today’s makeup trends.

    Reverse cat eye makeup has become popular on TikTok and after that so many people have become obsessed with it, because it really is a very interesting, unique and great makeup trend. And those liner can have different colors, can be really fun, and look gorgeous. You can really have fun with reverse eyeliner, do it with some colorful eyeshadow looks. The most awesome thing about it is that it makes your eyes look lifted, it also lifts your whole face features, which is very common in new makeup trends.

    So if you want to know more about what reverse eyeliner looks like, what it can look great with, and how you can make it look more and more fierce every time you’re wearing it, check out these beautiful looks. You may be able to do your own reverse eyeliner, because as soon as you practice a little, you can do it with your any makeup look, if you like it.

    Have fun looking at these eyeliner looks and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Reverse Cat Eyeliner with Graphic Crease Liner

    Reverse cat eyeliner with graphic crease liner

    2. Burgundy and Smokey Reverse Liner Cat Eye Makeup Look

    Reverse cat eye, burgundy and smokey reverse liner cat eye makeup look

    3. Nude Makeup Look with Smokey and Black Reverse Liner

    Reverse cat eye, nude makeup look with smokey and black reverse liner

    4. Glowy Makeup Look with Really Smokey Reverse Cat Eye

    15 reverse cat eye looks perfect for you • styles overdose

    5. Reverse Blue Eyeliner Look

    Reverse cat eye, reverse blue eyeliner look

    So far we have seen really interesting cat eye looks. Extending that inner corner, then winging it out on the outer corner is the most common way of doing reverse cat eye look. You don’t have to worry about bringing it down too far. You have to smoke out your waterliner, because it is really important for this fierce look.

    6. Smokey Reverse Liner with Gold Eyeshadow Look

    Reverse cat eye, smokey reverse liner with gold eyeshadow look

    7. Smokey Lower Lashline with Black Cat Liner

    Reverse cat eye, smokey lower lashline with black cat liner

    8. Blue and Black Reverse Eyeliner

    Reverse cat eye, blue and black reverse eyeliner

    9. Reverse Smokey Eyeliner with Rhinestones

    Reverse cat eye, reverse smokey eyeliner with rhinestones

    10. Soft Blue Eyeliner Cat Eye

    Reverse cat eye, soft blue eyeliner cat eye

    Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Looks for 2022: Cat Eyeliner for the Win to Spice Up Your Makeup Look

    11. Thick Reverse Cat Liner

    Reverse cat eye, thick reverse cat liner

    12. Smoked Out Lower Lashline with Reverse Cat Liner

    Reverse cat eye, smoked out lower lashline with reverse cat liner

    13. Soft Glam with Little Subtle Reverse Eyeliner

    Reverse cat eye, soft glam with little subtle reverse eyeliner

    14. Reverse Green Liner with Graphic Eyeliner

    Reverse cat eye, reverse green liner with graphic eyeliner

    15. Smokey Green Reverse Cat Eye

    Smokey green reverse cat eye

    These looks are really unique and they literally bring up your eye color, your face shape and your eye shape. At first glance they’re really smokey, and very formal, but you can make them look a little softer if you want to do it for your daily makeup look. Still, giving your eyes that cat eye twist is such a great idea, especially in 2022, when everybody is trying to give their eyes that delicious and foxy look. Lifting your face features is an integral part in makeup trends nowadays. So don’t be scared to try out these looks and see whether you like it on yourself or not.

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