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    32 Easter Nails: Adorable Nails for Easter

    Easter is in spring, and as we know spring is the cutest and the most colorful time of the year. Easter nails should actually correspont to all the cuteness that is coming with Easter. If you think that you have to change your nail color for Easter you might wanna check out these amazing Easter nail designs and Easter nail ideas, and you won’t regret it!

    Easter nail colors are so various and unique and there are lots of designs that you can try for Easter. For example, eggshell nail designs are really cute and suitable for Easter. Lots of colors and beautiful details are great too.

    So check out these beautiful Easter nails and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Colorful Cartoon Nails

    As we know colors are really great for Easter. These acrylic Easter nails with those interesting and unique cartoon designs will make your Easter really special! If you are actually into this kind of nail art, then you must try this one out.

    Easter nails, colorful cartoon nails

    2. Pastel Color Overload

    Pastel colors are so adorable. This is a very cute idea for Easter nails and the ring finger nail with little colorful polka dots makes everything much more unique and colorful.

    Easter nail designs, pastel color overload

    3. Vibrant Colorful Details

    This art is actually perfect for Easter because the details are very minimalistic, but yet really cool and artsy. So if you like the colors and the whole design, then go ahead and try this one.

    Easter nail ideas, vibrant colorful details

    4. Colorful Swirls

    Easter nail colors are usually very vibrant and colorful and various. This one has a collection of dark colors and vibrant ones. So if you are not fully into really colorful Easter nail ideas, then you might try this nail art.

    Acrylic easter nails, colorful swearls

    5. Egg Nails

    This one is actually the perfect definition for Easter nails. These nails are like colorful little eggs and it’s actually very trend in 2023. You can do this with one color, or as many colors as you like. These little eggshell dots will make this perfect Easter nails.

    Easter nail colors, egg nails

    6. Bright Colors

    If you are ever into bright colors for your nail art, then this is really great. These colors are perfect and they will actually look really great in Easter. Everyone will be complimenting you nail art.

    Easter nail colors, bright colors

    7. Shiny Pink Nails

    Easter nails are colorful and unique. But one really pretty baby pink nail design for Easter will be so great. If you want to have just a cute little nail design for Easter, but you don’t want it to be extra, you can try out this one. And the sparkles, the glitters are perfect for these nails.

    Easter nails, shiny pink nails

    8. Cute Pastel Details

    This is a very artsy and great nail art idea for Easter. No one will be indifferent when they see your stunning nail art. Pastel colors are perfect and the whole idea is great for this nail shape.

    Cute pastel details, cute pastel details

    9. Pastel French

    French is a very beautiful nail design. And these pastel nails are much more adorable. The little flowers are the cutest and perfect for spring. So go ahead and try out this nail art for Easter and you surely won’t ever regret it.

    Easter nails, pastel french

    10. Baby Colors

    It’s so interesting that Easter is all about those really vibrant colors and also these extremely beautiful soft baby colors. These acrylic nails will look the greatest for Easter and you will be very pleased with this nail art.

    Easter nail ideas, baby colors

    Easter Nails 2023: Best Easter Nail Designs, Easter Nail Ideas, Acrylic Easter Nails and Easter Nail Colors in Spring

    11. Lavender Explosion

    Spring is full of this amazing color – lavender. These 5 different shades of lavender and purple will make your nails really great for Easter and you’ll get lots of compliments.

    Easter nails, lavender explosion

    12. Asymmetrical Lavender French

    Different types of french have been really popular in 2023. And this is also a perfect idea if you want to spice up your nails for Easter. As we know, lavender is such an amazing and adorable color. Lavender nails are perfect for this fun holiday.

    Easter nails, asymmetrical lavender french

    13. Color Explosion French

    So we talked about french before and this is one of those beautiful ideas that you can definitely try for Easter. This is a very careful and precise job and your nails will be perfect for Easter.

    Easter nails, color explosion french

    14. Stunning Pastel Design

    This matte acrylic Easter pastel nails are so adorable. If you end up trying this style you will be very grateful, because these pastel colors go perfectly with the whole idea.

    Easter nails, stunning pastel design

    15. Pastel French with Gemstones

    Gemstones make everything a lot more dramatic and this nail art is actually great for Easter. These colors, and the little gemstones. The whole idea is perfect if you want to try something new for Easter.

    Easter nails, pastel french with gemstones

    16. Abstract Easter Colorful Nails

    Abstract easter colorful nails, easter nails

    17. Asymmetrical Colorful Pastel Nails

    Asymmetrical colorful pastel nails, easter nails

    18. Asymmetrical French Tip Easter Egg Nails

    Asymmetrical french tip easter egg nails, easter nails

    19. Bright Colorful Easter French Tip Nails

    Bright colorful easter french tip nails, easter nails

    20. Bright Colorful French Tip Nails with Hearts

    Bright colorful french tip nails with hearts, easter nails

    21. Colorful Easter Egg French Tip Nails

    Colorful easter egg french tip nails, easter nails

    22. Cute Matte Easter French Tip Nails

    Cute matte easter french tip nails, easter nails

    23. Easter French Tip Nail Art

    Easter french tip nail art, easter nails

    24. Easter White Flower Nails

    Easter white flower nails, easter nails

    25. Gorgeous Colorful Glitter Nails

    Gorgeous colorful glitter nails, easter nails

    26. Green Nails, Cute Easter Rabbit Nails

    Cute easter rabbit nails, easter nails

    27. Matte Easter Egg Nails

    Matte easter egg nails, easter nails

    28. Matte Ombre and Artsy Easter Nail Art

    Matte ombre and artsy easter nail art, easter nails

    29. Neutral Natural Easter Egg Nails

    Neutral natural easter egg nails, easter nails

    30. Pastel Colorful French Tip Nails with Daisies

    Pastel colorful french tip nails with daisies, easter nails

    31. Pastel Easter Egg Nails

    Pastel easter egg nails, easter nails

    32. Yellow Easter Egg French Tips

    Yellow easter egg french tips, easter nails

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