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    15 Cottagecore Outfits for Nostalgia

    Cottagecore outfits is all about vintage dresses, interesting colors and a very unique and nostalgic style. If you are not familiar to this aesthetic we suggest you look through these stunning dresses and you will not regret it.

    If you like this style you may find a floral dress in your closet, pair it with some pieces that actually make this aesthetic and you will look gorgeous. This style reminds us of the days when we used to go to our grandparents’ house, lounge and have the most nostalgic time of our lives. You just wanna throw these beautiful dresses on and run through a field barefoot.

    Scroll through these nostalgic cottagecore pictures, enjoy, and get your daily styles overdose!


    Cottagecore dress, cottagecore style: short baby blue dress
    Stunning Baby Blue Dress


    Cottagecore aesthetic: winter clothing, flowy dress
    Cottagecore Winter


    Cottagecore style: nostalgic brown dress, flowy dress
    Cottagegore Aesthetic


    Cottagecore style: flowy floral dress
    Floral Dress in Summer


    Cottagecore outfit: knit sweater and long flowy skirt
    Sweater and Skirt for Fall

    Cottagecore Outfits, Brown Dress Cottagecore Ideas, White and Blue Floral Dress Ideas, White Sundress Ideas, Cottagecore Aesthetic


    Cottagecore style: cottagecore dress with blouse and tights


    Cottagecore dress: flowy outfit, floral dress, sundress
    Flowy Dress for Summer


    Cottagecore aesthetic: peachy dress
    Peachy Dress


    Cottagecore dress, cottagecore style: stunning floral dress
    Stunning and Unique Cottagecore Style Dress


    Cottagecore aesthetic: fierce floral dress, sundress
    Fierce Floral Dress


    Cottagecore dress: flowy corset dress
    Pink Floral Dress for Summer


    Cottagecore aesthetic: apron dress
    Yellow Dress with Apron


    Cottagecore dress: flowy dress with sleeves, nostalgic dress
    Nostalgic Princess Dress


    Cottagecore aesthetic: sundress


    Cottagecore dress: cottagecore style with floral detail cut dress
    Gorgeous Fantasy

    These were the nostalgic and the most beautiful dresses that we’ve collected for you. Hope you enjoyed looking at these because they are not your usual daily outfits. These dresses are really unique and they instantly make you look very different and trendy.

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    Thank you for checking this list out!

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