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    15 Awesome Orange Hair Color Ideas

    Orange hair color is one of the artsiest and most awesome and unique hair colors out there. For a while, orange hair color wasn’t really popular, and it rather was considered to be bad-looking. Because the dark hair has that orange pigment, which shows when brunettes try to go from brown to blonde, and usually that has been a struggle for people. And some girls eventually started hating the orange pigment, and therefore the orange color. But 2022 has brought back the orange color as an ultimate hair color.

    Nowadays, you will see a lot of girls with the most vibrant and gorgeous orange flawless and shiny hair color walking in the streets. And it instantly strikes your eyes, because this color is very unique. Especially the very bright, or neon orange is so eyecatching, and it suits a lot of people’s skintone, and makes them glow and look even healthier, shinier and different than ever.

    Of course, we all know that there are shades of orange, which can look natural, and give you that ginger look. Copper, ginger, bronze hair colors are amazing by themselves, and if you are a natural redhead, and you want your hair color to be more vibrant and close to orange, then it would be really easy for you to achieve. You can choose any of these orange shades, show it to your hairdresser, and you will rock the most beautiful hair color ever.

    Most of the time, neon orange, or bright orange colors look great on people who have pale and close to cool-toned skin. These colors will open up your face and make your features pop, and your skintone to look healthy and glowy. However, darker orange colors, like reddish orange, bronze orange, firy orange can look great on people who have darker skintone, and usually they look great if you have warm-toned skin. They will emphasize those warm tones in your skin, and make you look hotter than ever.

    So if you have been contemplating on having orange hair for a while, then your time has come! One of the best things about orange color, that’s worth mentioning, is that it doesn’t wash off really quickly. So you can rock the vibrant orange color for a long time, and when it fades away, it will still fade to a nice light orange color, which will also look great for a while. And getting the orange color is not difficult, it might be the easiest hair color to get and the easiest hair color to maintain.

    Depending what shade of orange you want to go for, just know that you are set for several weeks and you don’t have to worry about it looking ugly after a while.

    That is why we are excited to show you these hair colors, and hope you will enjoy and have fun choosing your ultimate color. You will not regret getting orange hair color, if you have been thinking about it, and you have been skeptical about it. And don’t forget to get your daily stylesoverdose!

    Dark Orange-Copper Hair

    Orange hair, dark copper hair

    Orange-Bronze Hair Color

    Orange hair, bronze hair color

    Bright Orange Flawless Hair Color

    Orange hair

    Orange-Dark Auburn Hair

    Orange hair, dark auburn hair

    Blonde and Orange Chunky Y2K Highlights

    Orange hair, y2k highlights

    Orange Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

    Orange hair

    Red Orange Auburn Hair

    Orange hair, auburn hair

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    Neon Orange Flame

    Neon orange hair

    Dark Orange Burgundy Hair Color

    Dark orange hair

    Ginger Hair Color

    Orange hair, ginger hair color

    Curly Redhead

    Orange hair, curly redhead

    Bright Orangey Red Hair

    Orange hair color

    Orange Bronze Hair with Light Orange Face Framing Highlights

    Orange hair, light orange face framing highlights

    Bronze Orange Balayage

    Orange hair

    Black and Bright Orange Split Dye Hair

    Orange hair, split dye hair

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