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    14 Wild Fox Eye Makeup Looks

    Fox eye makeup is very fun, exciting and elegant. This type of makeup has been around for a long time, but in 2022 it’s getting trendier and trendier. Everything about this makeup look is gorgeous. It’s lifted, bright, enchanting. And it’s surprisingly easy to do. There are different ways that you can do to achieve foxy eye makeup look. And it looks good on different eye shapes. For exaample, it actually looks amazing on hooded eyes. It makes the eyes look bigger and the whole hooded eye makeup is more unique and expressed.

    So if you like this amazing eye makeup trend you should check out these ideas that we have collected for you. Scroll through these enchanting fox eye makeup looks and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Fox Eyeliner

    This is one of the more simple fox eye makeup looks which looks stunning and very cool for wherever you are planning to go. The really sharp winged liner and swooped out lower lashline eyeshadow make this look really charming, and yet a little bit seductive.

    Fox eye makeup, fox eyeliner

    2. Triple Liner Foxy Eyes

    Like I mentioned before foxy eyes have so many great types and ways of doing it. And this is one of them. This is a very fun party look which lifts your eyes and gives you that foxy look.

    Fox eye makeup, triple liner foxy eyes

    3. Foxy Eyeshadow Wing

    This huge smoked out wing will give you that really attractive foxy look. And it is really cool that there’s nothing much going on with this eye makeup, but yet the eyeshadow does everything for this makeup look.

    Fox eye makeup, foxy eyeshadow wing

    4. Foxy Graphic Liner Look

    Graphic liners are extremely in style right now. And it is understandable, because graphic liner looks very artsy and cool. And this foxy graphic eyeliner look will make your makeup perfect for a nice party.

    Fox eye makeup, 4. Foxy graphic liner look

    5. Colorful Eyeshadow Look and Fox Eyeliner

    We’ve talked about simple fox eyeliner looks but this one is actually next level with that colorful eyeshadow. The colors are really beautifully blended out and go perfectly with the foxy liner.

    Fox eye makeup, colorful eyeshadow look and fox eyeliner

    6. Burgundy Eyeshadow Liner Foxy Eyes

    The burgundy is wonderfully blended out with the black eyeshadow and the whole makeup looks stunning and gives her eyes that foxy twist.

    Fox eye makeup, burgundy eyeshadow liner foxy eyes

    7. Color Explosion with Thick Foxy Liner

    All the colors together are working great and the liner looks amazing with the foxy eyeliner. Her eyes look lifted, big and foxy and it’s really stunning. Colorful eyeshadow looks are perfect for this type of nude full face makeup.

    Fox eye makeup, color explosion with thick foxy liner

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    8. Graphic Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

    Foxy eye makeup looks really great on hooded eyes. Because it actually lifts the eyes and makes them look bigger. The whole look changes. And this graphic liner is really unique and artsy.

    Fox eye makeup, graphic eyeliner for hooded eyes

    9. Smokey Eye Foxy Look

    This is one of those really smokey looks with a very long and thin liner which gives that extreme seductive and foxy look.

    Fox eye makeup, smokey eye foxy look

    10. Glossy Eyeshadow and Fox Eyeliner

    Shiny and glittery eyeshadow looks are trending in 2022. And this is one of them. This really great and stunning warm glossy shadow and the eyeliner work amazing together.

    Fox eye makeup, glossy eyeshadow and fox eyeliner

    11. Foxy Look and Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

    Smoked out lower lashline and the whole foxy look work well with her hooded eyes. This makeup trend really lifts the eyes and the hooded eyes look big and lifted.

    Fox eye makeup, foxy look and winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

    12. Graphic Eyeliner with Glitter Eyeshadow Foxy Look

    The more glitter the better! I am actually a lot into glitter and this type of glittery eyeshadow is very fun and elegant. The foxy graphic liner makes the whole looks so unique and diverting.

    Fox eye makeup, graphic liner with glitter eyeshadow foxy look

    13. Cut Crease Cartoon Liner and Fox Eyeliner

    This is the type of double liner but the cut crease is much more fun and enjoyable. Fox eye makeup has lots and lots of twists and cool touches.

    Fox eye makeup, cut crease cartoon liner and fox eyeliner

    14. Thick Fox Eyeliner

    The straight and really thick liner goes all the way to the inner corners and stops in the middle of the lower lashline. And the lower lashline is smoked out in a really subtle and gorgeous way.

    Fox eye makeup, thick fox eyeliner

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