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    13 Stunning Orange Eyeshadow Looks

    Orange eyeshadow looks are the most amazing ideas for summer! If you have never tried to do orange eye makeup look, then this is the perfect time to start, because in summer, you will have the best and most eyecatching makeup look, that everyone will appreciate.

    Colorful eyeshadow looks, in general, are perfect makeup ideas in summer. Summer is such a colorful and happy time of the year, that’s why it’s better for you to match the whole vibe! If you are into green eyeshadow looks, blue eyeshadow looks, pink eyeshadow looks, you should check out our other posts, which will really help you decide on what color is perfect for you in summer as your most ideal summer makeup look. But in this post we will discuss together what types of orange eyeshadow looks you can try out and what you can do with some orange shadows and that stunning and firy color!

    Scroll through these stunning orange eyeshadow looks, have fun, choose your own style and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. “Wet” Orange Eyeshadow Look with Black Eyeliner

    This type of really shiny and wet and dewy eyeshadow looks amazing in this particular shade of orange. You can try this out in summer for your prom, or a nice party.

    "wet" orange eyeshadow look with black eyeliner

    2. Subtle and Soft Smoked Out Orange Shadow

    A very nude and natural looking eyeshadow look, which will never ever let you down. This type of eyeshadow will look great as a everyday makeup look and will give you that foxy and lifted look.

    Orange eyeshadow looks , subtle and soft smoked out orange shadow

    3. Warm Orange Smokey Look

    Wearing this reddish orange eyeshadow with a gorgeous dress in summer is a dream come true! You can try this out. This is actually very easy and very soft, still elegant and edgy!

    Orange eyeshadow looks, warm orange smokey look

    4. Orange Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look

    Cut crease is a really trendy and edgy type of makeup look that will look awesome on anybody. This orange full cut crease with that glossy red lip is a perfect idea for summer.

    Orange eyeshadow looks, orange cut crease eyeshadow look

    5. Nude Orange Smokey Eyeshadow Look

    This one is one of those orange makeup looks, that looks very smokey and nude, but still has that shiny and vibrant orange shade going on, which makes the whole makeup look extra unique!

    Orange eyeshadow looks, nude orange smokey eyeshadow look

    6. Yellow Eyeshadow with Orange Graphic Eyeliner

    Graphic eyeliners have become very common and trendy nowadays, because they are fun and unique. Orange eyeshadow for a graphic liner is a whole new level of fun and summer vibes.

    Orange eyeshadow looks, yellow eyeshadow with orange graphic eyeliner

    7. Smokey Neon Orange Eyeshadow Look

    Neon orange is such an amazing shade and it is a real party on the eyelids. You can’t help but notice a neon eyeshadow on someone’s face, so you will have a lot of fun doing it yourself.

    Smokey neon orange eyeshadow look

    8. Glittery and Smokey Orange Makeup Look

    This type of soft, dewy and glittery orange look will make everyone notice how unique your makeup is. This orange will make your eyes look really foxy and edgy.

    Orange eyeshadow looks, glittery and smokey orange makeup look

    Orange Eyeshadow Looks for Summer 2023: Orange Makeup Looks, and Stunning Colorful Eyeshadow Looks to Wear in Summer and Look Gorgeous and Powerful

    9. Fierce Orange Cut Crease

    A definition of summer eye makeup look, which will get lots and lots of compliments, wherever you decide to wear this. Cut crease is a very fierce look. You can wear it to a nice beach party and look you best!

    Orange eyeshadow looks, fierce orange cut crease

    10. Orange Smoked Out Lower Lashline

    Colorful eyeshadow looks on the lower lashline look really great. And one of those great colors is orange itself, because this vibrant orange on the lower lashlines looks really good.

    Orange eyeshadow looks, orange smoked out lower lashline

    11. Soft and Smokey Orange Eyeshadow Look with Rhinestones

    Since Euphoria is trending now, rhinestones with colorful eyeshadows have become really trendy and stylish. So this look is one of them. Sticking some rhinestones can wholly change you makeup look and take it to a whole new extra level.

    Orange eyeshadow looks, soft and smokey orange eyeshadow look with rhinestones

    12. Vibrant Orange Eyeshadow with Blue Liner

    Orange and blue look great together. Two really rich and vibrant colors which will compliment each other and make your makeup look perfect for summer.

    Orange eyeshadow looks, vibrant orange eyeshadow with blue liner

    13. Orange Eyeshadow Look with Yellow Inner Corners

    Orange and yellow – two of those really fun and summertime colors. Together they make the ideal party makeup look.

    Orange eyeshadow look with yellow inner corners

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