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    13 Great Ways to Do Bubble Braids

    Bubble braids are trending right now, and that’s great, because they are so artsy, beautiful, easy to do and look very unique. You can do so much with bubble braids, and you can get experimental with them. Doing a nice bubble ponytail, some bubble french braids, some pigtails and some delicate half up half down hairstyles, will change you mood and make you look very stylish.

    So check out these bubble braids to find out what different ways there are to do this fun hairstyle, and get your daily styles overdose!

    Two Half Braids

    This is one of those hairstyles that are very easy to do, and it looks very artsy, very cute. You can definitely achieve this in 10 minutes, if you can’t do normal french braids.

    Bubble braids, two half braids

    Low Bubble Ponytail

    To get all of your hair out of your face, so that it can’t bother you throughout the day this one is a perfect idea. This bubble pony still looks really classy, and stylish. So you don’t have to worry about it, and doing this will take just a few minutes.

    Bubble braids, low bubble ponytail

    Bubble Pigtails

    A very cute hairstyle that anyone can achieve. If you are into doing two ponytails, or two pigtails, then this one is perfect for you. And it is very easy to do.

    Bubble braids, bubble pigtails

    Bubble Front Braids

    Front braids have been really really popular lately. Both the traditional braids and the these elastic tie braids are very popular, and they will take some 10 minutes. You will look very stylish and cute with it.

    Bubble braids, bubble front braids

    Colorful Bubble Braids

    Adding some colorful elastics, or hair clips to your braids will take your hairstyle to a whole new level. The colorful twist will show off your personality, look great, cute and unique.

    Bubble braids, colorful bubble braids

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    Two Low Bubble Ponytails

    If you are having trouble doing traditional braids, and it takes a lot of time. You are short of time, and still want to have those beautiful and cozy braid hairstyle going on, then you can try out these cute braids with elastics. This is apparently much easier and doesn’t require lots of time.

    Bubble braids, two low bubble ponytails

    Low Messy Bubble Ponytail

    Messy low pony and still very cool, cute and easily achievable. You don’t have to worry about your ponytail being messy, and bothering you.

    Bubble braids, low messy bubble ponytail

    Bubble French Braids

    I personally have trouble doing french braids, and it is very difficult for me. But these bubble french braids are a lot easier to do, and they also look very similar to the traditional french braids.

    Bubble braids, bubble french braids

    Euphoria Hairstyle

    Euphoria makeup, and Euphoria hairstyles, outfits are still in trend and lots and lots of people are crazy about them. This hairstyle is also one of the very interesting and unique hairstyles that is very easy to achieve and looks cute and comfy.

    Bubble braids, euphoria hairstyle

    Two Ponytail Braids

    There is nothing cuter than two pony braids and a bucket hat! A very stylish, yet artsy style, which can be great for anybody, if you are into this style.

    Bubble braids, two ponytail braids

    Quadruple Braids

    It is great to have two front braids, but it’s more fun to have lots of braids just sneaking in your hair. This is a very interesting and trendy hairstyle which can be done by anybody and you will definitely like a hairstyle like this.

    Bubble braids, quadruple braids

    High Classy Bubble Pony

    To do a high pony with such a classy outfit, some heels is a statement! And adding some elastics, making the ponytail more fun and voluminous, will help you be very trendy and cute.

    Bubble braids, high classy bubble pony

    Half up Half down Braid

    The little messy braid which goes into bubble braid looks very unique and stylish. You can experiment with your hairstyle so much, and this is one of those very unique hairstyles that looks normal from the front, and from the back it is very artsy, delicate and elegant. You can even wear a hairstyle like this for a wedding party, or a prom, and it will take just a few minutes to achieve.

    Bubble braids, half up half down braid

    Hope you enjoyed these fun bubble braids which are so easy to do, so minimalistic, yet really cute and trendy in 2022. If you like this type of trendy hairstyle ideas, then you can check out some other posts in our site, on hairstyles with claw clip, tips to wear hair scarf, e girl hair ideas, and some other 2022 hair trends.

    This was our spin on bubble braid hairstyle. Thank you for checking us out!

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