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    12 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Girls

    Hairstyles in 2021-2022 are usually very simple, messy and interesting. You don’t need a lot of time and effort to achieve braided hairstyles for girls, messy space bun hairstyles, or low ponytail. On the contrary, if you spend a lot of time and effort doing these hairstyles, you can actually fail. So the key for them is not to try to reach perfection. And they will look great and trendy.

    Having a messy bun is not everybody’s favorite thing, so there are actually so many stunning and easy hairstyles in 2022 that you can try out, wheather you have short hair or long hair.

    So make sure to check out these ideas and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Space Buns

    Space bun hairstyles are really trendy right now. They are not the hairstyle that everyone might be attracted to, but they surely look very cute and great. They’re statement hairstyles for teenage girls! Like for example this one is very subtle, messy, the half up half down hair looks really great. You can do this and also show your beautiful beach waves, and have a very modern and stylish twist to your hairstyle.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, space buns

    2. Classy Low Ponytail

    This hairstyle is very beautiful and appropriate for a nice classy party. The waves, the overall volume and the messy peaces make everything very classy and gorgeous. Of course, there is that messy twist to this hairstyle, too. Because like we know, if you want to have trendy hair, you’d better not reach perfection and try to leave your hair a little bit naturally messy.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, classy low ponytail

    3. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

    Ponytails are very common right now and very trendy. Thanks to Ariana Grande, who brought the ponytail trend into the new tredy hair category. This hairstyle is very beautiful with all those waves and the little ponytail on top. You don’t have any pieces falling on your face. Your beautiful face is open and that ponytail will look stunning from any angle.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, half up half down hairstyle

    4. Bubblebraids

    Braids are also very common nowadays. And let’s admit that braids are such an interesting type of hairstyle and they are usually very easy to do. Hairstyles for teenage girls tend to be very unique and artsy nowadays. But this one is much easier to do, because you just need some rubber bands and you can achieve this stylish and beautiful hairstyle. Rubber bands make french braids easier.

    Braided hairstyles for girls, bubblebraids

    5. Front Braids

    One of way more common and trendy braided hairstyles for girls which is extremely easy to do. It seems the little braids actually do nothing, but they make your whole style look so unique and pretty. The braids don’t have to be perfect. They can be very messy and the hairstyle will still look great. This is the twist of Gigi Hadids two front bubblebraids, which is also a key to trendy hair.

    Braided hairstyles for girls, trendy hair, front braids

    6. Fishtail Braids

    Such a cottagecore aesthetic! This hairstyle looks downright pretty, and this is the one hairstyle which actually requires more time and effort than the others, but this looks really good. It’s one of the cutest braided hairstyles for little girls, teenagers and women. If you are into two braids, you can just do some messy low braids, but if you like to experience with you braids, then this is one of the hairstyles that is worth trying. It will look great on any length.

    Braided hairstyles for girls, trendy hair, fishtail braids

    7. Hollywood Waves

    Hollywood waves are very stylish in 2022 and they look extra elegant and classy. Of course they’re not for casual wear, because they will look very elegant. Unless you are into it, then go for it! But this hairstyle on a bride, or for prom will look phenomenal. It’s worth trying.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, hollywood waves

    8. Curtain Bangs

    Bangs are also back in 2022. But in my opinion those thick straight across bangs are gone for good, and this type of curtain bangs are so stunning, and they totally bring up your face shape, make you more snatched. This could be great on long hair, short hair, could be great on medium hairstyles with bangs. Curtain bangs are also great for a little change if you are tired of your hairstyle.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, curtain bangs

    9. Two Big Space Buns

    We’ve talked about space bun hairstyles before, but these space buns are actually very fierce and really stylish. They are very easy to achieve and also are very comfortable. If you let those little pieces fall into your face, that will give that extra messiness to your hairstyle and also you will have those as your face framing pieces.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, two big space buns

    10. Loose French Braids

    French braids always look very luxurious. And braided hairstyles for girls are very stylish now so be free to sometimes include french braids to your hairstyles. They will look very classy, tidy and stylish for wherever you go.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, loose french braids

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    11. Low Messy Bun

    This is such an iconic hairstyle and trendy hair must have. You should try to do low messy buns from time to time if you are not used to doing them. Because sometimes you just don’t have enough time to style your hair and this can be a perfect hairstyle to go wherever you want you you will still look very much presentable.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, low messy bun

    12. Messy Ponytail with Ribbon

    Ribbons have also been in trend for a while and I can agree that they look very cute. With this messy high ponytail the ribbon actually looks great and add a flavor. But ponytails overall are very stunning and comfortable hairstyles so if you haven’t tried yet, make sure to do a ponytail once.

    Hairstyles, trendy hair, ponytail with ribbon

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