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    12 Gorgeous Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

    Strawberry blonde hair color is a perfect idea for spring. It’s so artsy and gorgeous that you can definitely rock it if you want to have a nice little change in your look. A nice rose gold strawberry blonde hair color, or some strawberry blonde highlights in spring will definitely take your look to a whole new level. This beautiful and unique color is also very natural looking and, at the same time, it’s a mix of extra and simple. It will look awesome on short haircuts for wavy hair, straight hair, on really long hair

    So if you are into this type of stunning strawberry color, and you want to have a change in your hair color, then you’d better try one of these looks. There are many shades and many different styles of this beautiful hair color and you can choose your favorite one from these.

    Make sure you enjoy these beautiful strawberry blonde hair color ideas and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Copper-ish Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

    Imagine how stunning this color will look for spring. This color is really unique and trendy. Spring 2022 is all about those beautiful and artsy colors. So this hair color is one of those really beautiful ones. This is a mixture of copper and little strawberry blonde highlights. So this is a perfect spring hair color.

    Strawberry blonde hair color, copper-ish strawberry blonde hair color

    2. Brown, Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

    A combination of a really natural hair color with a nice strawberry flavor. This color is very beautiful. It’s perfect if you are looking for a natural change in your look.

    Brown, dark strawberry blonde hair

    3. Auburn Straberry Blonde Balayage

    This is also one of those really unique and rich shades of strawberry blonde hair color. The balayage is great and very artsy. This is a gorgeous combination of auburn and strawberry color.

    12 gorgeous strawberry blonde hair color ideas • styles overdose

    4. Natural Strawberry Blonde Balayage

    This balayage will really pop under the sunlight and show that amazing strawberry blonde shade. It’s very natural and you will definitely rock this color.

    12 gorgeous strawberry blonde hair color ideas • styles overdose

    5. Pink Strawberry Blonde

    This color is totally for spring. The pink and rose gold highlights in the hair give you that artsy strawberry blonde look. And this looks amazing for this haircut.

    Strawberry blonde hair color, rose gold strawberry blonde

    6. Gold Strawberry Blonde

    As we know already strawberry blonde is a really natural and artsy color. This is one of those excellent examples, because this looks extra natural on her. And if you are into this shade you can do this color, and to spice this up you can do those cool light pieces in front, which is really stylish now.

    Strawberry blonde hair color, gold strawberry blonde

    Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Spring 2022: Dark Straberry Blonde Hair and Stunning Strawberry Blonde Balayage Looks

    7. Peach Strawberry Blonde Balayage

    One of those strawberry blonde shades that will take your hair color look to a whole new artsy and gorgeous level. This color will shine and pop under the sunlight and make you a real strawberry blonde queen.

    Peach strawberry blonde balayage

    8. Light and Natural Strawberry Blonde

    This natural shade and little highlights will make your hair look so rich, healthy and shiny. This shade looks good on hair like this: medium length, not so thick hair. But it will also look great on a short bob. So if you are into this style, then go ahead and try it out.

    Strawberry blonde hair color, light and natural strawberry blonde

    9. Stunning Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

    This is a really nice color for this haircut and those beautiful glossy waves. This color will look amazing in spring and will give you that baby pink hair vibe, but will still look very natural.

    Stunning rose gold strawberry blonde hair color

    10. Copper-Strawberry Blonde Highlights

    The really light pieces in front and the whole copper-ish strawberry blonde color give the hair so much movement and gorgeous touch. They look great for this cut and the on this messy waves.

    Copper-strawberry blonde highlights

    11. Honey Strawberry Blonde

    This shade of strawberry blonde reflects light so much that the hair looks extra shiny and healthy, of course together with those stunning waves. This is a natural looking but still very artsy hair color if you want to have a nice change for spring.

    Strawberry blonde hair color, honey strawberry blonde

    12. Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde Balayage

    This is a very subtle and flawless balayage for this color. And the color is actually very different and unique from anything we’ve seen above. This looks very natural and gorgeous for spring.

    Rose gold strawberry blonde balayage

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