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10 Winter Nails: Gorgeous Art for Winter

10 Winter Nails: Gorgeous Art for Winter

Nail arts are different. And as any outfit is suitable to some season, in my opinion nail art is also suitable to winter, spring, summer and fall. Winter nails are perfectly magical and stunning piece of art actually!

Scroll through these nail art ideas and you might find the best for you in winter! We also have Valentine’s Day and the little hearts on the nails is really adorable for this special day.

If you like experimenting with your nail art you will find some ideas that are subtle or extra. The most suitable colors of this season are probably white and blue and lots of sparkles, cause this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Look through our list of different nail art ideas and get your daily styles overdose!

1. White Details

There are so many details on these nails that you will never get tired looking. The french style, the checker chic style and the different variations are actually perfect winter nail designs and make her nails look very great and subtle. White is a very nice color for winter!

Winter Nails, White Detailed Nail Art
White Fantasy

2. Sparkly Dream

Sparkles look great in winter because Christmas is near and we are all in the mood for some sparkly nails, clothes, makeup. This color looks great on these short nails and the sparkles take this to another level. They will shine under any light.

Winter Nails, Sparkly Nail Art: Winter Nail Idea with Sparkles
Sparkle Overdose

3. Grey and Glitter

Sparkly grey is also very nice for winter. The glitter is my favorite part because it adds so much to this nail art.

Winter Nails and Winter Nail Designs, Sparkly Grey and Glittery Winter Nail Art
Glittery Grey

4. Blue Sparkles

Blue is a winter color in my opinion. This kind of blue nails, the shine, the sparkles all make this nail design look appropriate for the cold and wonderful weather. This color will shine along with the snow!

Winter Nails, Sparkly Blue for Winter Nail Art
Blue and Winter

5. Valentine’s Day Nails

This minimalistic nail art with little red hearts is wonderful for the month of love! Winter has all the magical holidays. You can try this out and this will make your day every time you look at it.

Winter Nails, Valentine's Little Red Hearts Winter Nail Art
Love and Winter

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6. Dark Winter Nails: Dark Blue Overdose

This color looks gorgeous on these long nails. It has both sparkles, and lots of shine and stunning shade. If you like this color you can try this out and you will never regret it.

Dark Winter Nails: Dark Blue Overdose Dark Blue Winter Nail Art
Dark Blue and Shine

7. Dark Winter Nails: Black Magic

Do you like black nails? Black will actually look great for winter. Of course, there are many ways to make any art somehow different and eyecatching. The little colorful gemstones on the ring finger make this art pop and no one will be indifferent!

Dark Winter Nails: Black Magic Black Nails for Winter
Black is Always Elegant

8. Classy Winter Nails: Magic Star Nails

A very minimalistic nude style with some winter appropriate twist! The nude french makes the magic star pop and everything looks perfect.

Classy Winter Nails: Magic Star Nails Magic Star and Nude French Nail Art for Winter
Nude French with Magic Star

9. White and Glitter

As we talked before white looks great in winter. White with glitter blends with snow! If you like this try out and you will like how the color looks on you.

White and Glittery Nail Art for Winter
Glitter on White

10. Winter Acrylic Nails: Shades of Blue

If you like long nails, especially this really long square acrylic ones maybe you might try to paint them blue for winter time. There are so many shades of blue in this picture and lots of details which prove that blue is an excellent color for winter!

Winter Acrylic Nails

Nails are really important for us – girls. It’s a fun change and for some people it’s even a hobby to paint and create a wonderful art on nails.

There are lots of variations that you can try out. But this was our list of winter nail art ideas that you might want to try this winter and feel your best!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and these gorgeous nails that were created by really talented people. Thanks for checking these ideas out!