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    10 Trendy Hair Updos with Messy Bun

    2022 hair updos are mainly about simplicity, messiness and, at the same time, delicacy! Nowadays, people don’t tend to have the complicated hair for their wedding or prom. A simple and subtle hair updo – like a classy messy bun, for example is what you need to look classy and elegant for your special day.

    Doing a nice hair updo for a special night is a really great idea, because we mainly like to wear our hair down casually. These hair updos will change your mind about wearing your hair up and you will like how delicate they are.

    Check them out and get your daily styles overdose!

    1. Ponytail

    We love ponytails and some of us do ponytails occasionally just for fun. But this type of ponytail screams prom hairstyle! This is one of the medium length prom hairstyles that will look really gorgeous on you, if you have that length. This type of messy feathered braid goes into a luxurious ponytail and the whole style has so many delicate details. And the messiness of all is deliberately done, and it’s wonderful. 2022 hair doesn’t have to be super perfect.

    Hair updo, hairstyle, prom hair, ponytail

    2. Classy Bun with Curtain Bangs

    This bun on this color is phenomenal. Doing this type of bun is very easy and it will actually look really great on prom with a sleeveless princess dress. Curtain bangs bring up her face shape and they are really great on her. But you can do the bun without any front pieces, and it still will look amazing!

    Hair updos, hairstyles, prom hair, wedding hair, classy bun with curtain bangs

    3. Half Up, Half Down Messy Updo and Beachwaves

    This is a perfect hairstyle for this length and color. With all the highlights this messy updo looks amazing. There are no pieces falling on your face, so your face is totally open, but from the back you have this wonderful beachwaves which make the whole hairstyle perfect for a prom or a wedding. And this is one of those perfect prom hairstyles for short hair that you can slay on your prom.

    Hair updo, prom hairstyles for short hair, half up, half down messy updo and beachwaves

    4. Low Ponytail and Hollywood Waves

    Hollywood hair waves are super trendy right now. The 60-70 hairstyle which looks very shiny and vibrant. I really like Hollywood waves, especially this kind of perfect ones. You can wear Hollywood hair waves down, but they look great in a ponytail and they’re actually a perfect hairstyle idea for prom.

    Hair updos, hairstyles 2022, low ponytail and hollywood hair waves

    5. Half Up Half Down Messy Hair Updo

    This updo is done on longer hair than the previous one. This is a very great style especially for those people who think the messier the bette. This screams prom hair and will look perfect with any outfit you’re wearing.

    Hair updo, medium length prom hairstyles, prom hair, half up half down messy hair updo

    Top 10 Hair Updos and Hairstyles of 2022: Do a Little Messy Bun, Hollywood Hair Waves or High or Low Messy Bun for Your Special Day and Slay Your Hairstyle

    6. Low Messy Bun

    Messy bun has been around for a very long time and it is really cute. This bun looks great with all those falling messy pieces and it will look great with a wedding veil. So many trendy girls have done their air like this on their weddings that this hair has written “wedding hair” all over it!

    Hair updo, wedding hair, low messy bun

    7. Low Ponytail with Loose Waves

    This style is perfect with this platinum blonde color. The loose waves differ from the Hollywood hair waves because these are more flowy, but they are both very perfect and vibrant. The style is simple, but yet very elegant and is great for long or medium length prom hairstyles.

    Hair updos, wedding hair, prom hair, low ponytail with loose waves

    8. High Messy Bun

    This messy bun with the curled little pieces on the face gives me perfect wedding hair vibes. A bride will look great with this hair. This is very stylish, this can be great for a prom, too. But for some reason people tend to have half up half down updos for prom, and buns for wedding. But you do you!

    Hair updos, hairstyles, prom hair, wedding hair, high messy bun

    9. Bun with Braids and Beach Waves

    Braids always look very elegant and cute. This half up half down updo is perfect for your prom if you like to have an updo. The majority of your hair is down, but you have that elegant little bun and this ties everything up perfectly.

    Hair updo, prom hair, bun with braids and beach waves

    10. High Messy Bun with Cute Curly Pieces

    We already know that messy buns are goals.This little pieces bring up theface shape and this whole hairstyle is very cute and classy at the same time. If you like doing buns you will surely try to have a messy bun for a night out for once.

    Hair updos, hairstyles, prom hair, wedding hair, high messy bun with cute curly pieces

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