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    10 Sky Nails – Dreamy and Gorgeous

    These blue sky nails will make your heart beat faster, because they are so dreamy, so cute and so magical. If you have never tried to do sky nails, then you have to give it a go, because this design, this style and this trend is actually gorgeous.

    Check out these wonderful sky nails to find out what type of designs, ideas you can do for summer 2022. Have fun and don’t forget to get your daily styles overdose!

    Ombre Nails: Blue Sky Ombre with Clouds

    Having a wonderfully done flawless ombre nails is a great idea, especially for summer, when you can have colorful ombre nails. These cute clouds and little magic stars will make this a lot more magical, dreamy, adorable and unique. So go ahead and try out this one, if you’re a fan of sky blue!

    Sky nails, ombre nails: blue sky ombre with clouds

    Black and White Night Sky Nail Design

    This nail design mostly looks like a winter night sky, which is a little dark, a little moody. And it is perfect for the people who like dark, gloomy, neutral black and white nail design. To make the whole design a little bit artsier, these night sky stars are amazing.

    Sky nails, black and white night sky nail design

    Dark and Spooky Sky Nail Design

    Here’s this spooky and Halloween inspired sky nail design for the artsy girls, who love scary Halloween theme. It is of course a lot easier to do a simple nail design, but why not get such an interesting design, if you have the opportunity.

    Sky nails, dark and spooky sky nail design

    Sky Blue Nails

    This nail design is very sentimantal and artsy. There is so much talent in this, which looks stunning. If you are someone who is interested in this type of really artsy, a little sad and sentimental art, then you should definitely give this a go!

    Sky nails, sky blue nails

    Pastel Nails: Pastel Sky with Gold Stars

    Pastel is such a cute shade for summer. And this dreamy nail design is absolutely amazing, delicate, and subtle, even for those people who don’t like having a lot going on on their nails.

    10 sky nails - dreamy and gorgeous • styles overdose

    10 Sky Nails for Your Summer Days: Blue Sky Nails to Make Your Nails Look Magical and Dreamy, Light Blue Nails, Sky Blue Nails, Dark Blue Nails, Black and White Nails: Dreamy Sky Nails out of Fairy Tales

    Realistic Sky Nails

    Then again, this type of nail design requires such a talent. And this is a very realistic, artsy sky nail design which seems like something out of a fairy tale.

    Sky nails, realistic sky nails

    Magic Sky Black French Tip Nails

    If you like nude nails, with an interesting french design, then you have to try this one out. This doesn’t actually look like french design, but it actually is. There are so many ways of doing french design. There is the famous asymmetrical french design, referse french design, square shape, oval shape, swirly, etc french designs. And this one is something that you will hardly come accross. So your nails will look really unique with this magical black sky nail design.

    Sky nails, magic sky black french tip nails

    Pink Nails: Pink Fantasy with Pink Clouds and Rainbows

    This is an extremely adorable nail design which you can do for any single occasion, but imagine this as a Valenine’s day nail design. This will look so cute, so unique and amazing. And you can try out different shapes or lengths, you don’t have to get this type of long acrylics.

    Sky nails, pink nails: pink fantasy with pink clouds and rainbows

    Butterfly Nails: Sky with Butterflies

    A combination of the gloomy sky with grey clouds and colorful butterflies is actually genius thinking and a piece of art. As a nail art this is pretty artsy, so go ahead and try this out if you’re an artsy queen.

    10 sky nails - dreamy and gorgeous • styles overdose

    Blue and Pink Sky and Butterflies

    The combination of blue and pink is always appealing to the eye. And this is a fairy tale nail design: colorful, simple, artsy, cartoon-y.

    Sky nails, blue and pink sky and butterflies

    Lavender Nails: Pink Sky with Clouds and Stars

    Lavender and baby pink – the best and cutest colors for summer 2022! Including that sky nail design on the two fingers.

    Sky nails, lavender nails: pink sky with clouds and stars

    Sky French Tip Nails

    Colorful french tip for summer is the most amazing idea. And the little gold style details, the clouds are dreamy and cute.

    Sky nails, sky french tip nails

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