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    10 Doe Eyes Makeup Ideas for an Easy Look

    If you heard this word combination “doe eyes” lately, then you probably know that people love to do the “doe eyes vs siren eyes” comparisons. According to your preferences, you can try out both of these makeup looks, if you know the difference between them and how to achieve them. But in this post we have some cute makeup looks, to help you find out what type of makeup looks you can do to make your eyes look big, round and have the popular doe eyed look.

    So if you are ready to find out, then scroll through these ideas, and choose your perfect eyeshadow look for your perfect day. And don’t forget to get your daily stylesoverdose!

    Soft Eyeshadow Look with Black Smokey Liner

    If you are going for a doe eyed makeup look, then it would be better not to do a really long and thin winged eyeliner. Cat eye makeup look, reverse cat eye look, fox eye makeup look are cool, trendy and breathtaking. However, they don’t correspond to the doe eye makeup look at all. So in this case, a soft and cute eyeshadow look with really short winged liner and waterline liner will give you that round doe eye look.

    Doe eyes

    Nude Makeup Look with Eyelash Extensions

    Long eyelashes always open up your eyes, making them look bing and rounded. In this case, there is not a lot going on eyeshadow-wise. Just a simple nude base with long eyelashes will give you that cute doe eye look. To open up your eyes a lot more, you can add a shimmery champaigne color to your inner corners. Just a tiny bit will make your eyes look so big and expressive. And the glossy lips are perfect for this type of cute and natural look.

    Doe eyes

    Soft Orange Eyeshadow Look with Long Eyelashes

    Orange eyeshadow looks have become really popular lately, because they give you that sunkissed warmth, while being soft and natural. This type of orange eyeshadow look, which is mostly concentrated on the lower lashline, open up the eyes making them look big, round and expressesive. This is one of the looks that can give you the doe eyed look which you are going for.

    Doe eyes

    Shimmery Eyeshadow Look with Baby Wing

    Usually, shimmery eyeshadows, glitter makeup looks make your eyes so shiny and big. And this is one of those looks that’s perfect, if you have round eyes, or if you want to make your eyes look bigger and doll-like. And againg, the little baby wing, which stops really close to the outer corner, giving your eyes that cute innocent look.

    Doe eyes

    Natural Makeup Look with White Waterline

    If you have ever heard about the magic of white waterline eyeliners, then surely, that’s true. White waterline opens up your eyes so much, and makes your eyes look extremely big and rounded. You can keep all the makeup really soft and natural, while doing just a simplw white waterline. And this will fully change your look. In this particular makeup look everything is perfectly fitted for a doe eyed makeup look. Because there is a simple black eyeliner, long and separated lashes, and, of course, white waterline.

    Doe eyes

    10 Doe Eyes Makeup Looks for Cutest Women: Doe Eyed Look to Look Elegant, Adorable and Expressive: Cute Makeup Looks to Differenciate between Doe Eyes and Siren Eyes

    Nude Eyeshadow Look with Thick Baby Wing

    This is one of the most iconic Ariana Grande winged eyeliner looks. This wing is thick, which opens up the eyes, and it is also considerably shorter and straighter. And the little smoked out outer corners of the lower lashline perfectly round the eyes, giving the doe eyed innocent look.

    Doe eyes

    Soft and Warm Eyeshadow Look with Smokey Outer Corners

    Warm crease eyeshadow look with warmer outer corners make your eyes look so cute, natural and rounded. The vibrant red lips are perfect for this kind of eye makeup look.

    Doe eyes

    Ash Toned Smokey Eyeshadow Look with White Waterline

    If you are into ash toned eyeshadow colors, this is a look for you. Because this smokey ash toned makeup look makes the eyes look big and round. Moreover, the white waterline eyeliner opens up the look, and there you have that famous doe eyes makeup look.

    Doe eyes

    Soft Winged Eyeliner with Nude Eyeshadow Look

    If you look closely, you will notice that the little winged eyeliner points downwards. Which is a really popular eyeliner trend for getting that innocent and doe eyed look.

    Doe eyes

    Light Eyeshadow Look with Eyeliner Outline

    Depending on your eye shape, you can make your eyes look more round and bigger. Light eyeshadow looks on round eyes will look really amazing, as displayed in this picture.

    Doe eyes

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