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10 Best Edgy Long and Short Wolf Cut Ideas

10 Best Edgy Long and Short Wolf Cut Ideas

Wolf cut is a very edgy and unique trend that will stay for a long time. It’s very easy to maintain, it’s a little messy, shaggy and artsy. There are short wolf cut ideas, long and mid length wolf cut ideas that will give you that extra cool and edgy look. This is a very layered haircut and you need to be precise with all those layers while cutting them. And those curtain bangs, which are usually a great part of wolf cut, outline your face shape and make you very fierce and artsy looking.

So if you are interested in short haircuts for thick hair and long hair you must definitely check out some wolf cut ideas. Scroll through them, enjoy and get your daily styles overdose!

1. Wolf Cut Long Hair with Beach Waves

Wolf cut on this length looks amazing. It adds so much volume to your hair and makes them healthy, cool and shaggy. This is a very artsy look and all those layers make the hair look full and thick. And also this blonde balayage works great with the cut.

Wolf Cut Long Hair with Beach Waves

2. Shaggy Short Wolf Cut

Her hair with this cut and the color is so cute and edgy at the same time. This length can look very full and voluminous with the wolf cut. So make sure you do all those layers perfectly messy and correct when you’re getting a wolf cut.

3. Short Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

As we’ve talked above wolf cut is phenomenal with curtain bangs. So this is a great example. The bangs really line her face shape and make the wolf cut very unique and shaggy.

4. Mid Length Wolf Cut on Firy Orange Hair

When you’re getting a wolf cut and you want to look a lot cooler you can try the cut with this type of color. This color will really bring up that wolf cut and make you look so artsy. No one would ever be indifferent to this color and the cut.

Short Wolf Cut, Mid Length Wolf Cut on Firy Orange Hair

5. Mid Length Wolf Cut Curly Hair

Curly hair can also be stunning with wolf cut. Because it is so cute. Especially those bangs make everything so unique, and if this was just a curly hair cut it would look a thousand times more different than this.

Mid Length Wolf Cut Curly Hair

Short Wolf Cut Ideas 2022: Best Wolf Cut Long Hair Ideas, Wolf Cut Curly Hair Ideas and Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

6. Short Wolf Cut with Many Layers

This type of wolf cut has been very trendy lately and it is a very good idea if you are looking for a short haircut. It would be a fun change for you and you won’t regret it.

7. Long Curly Wolf Cut

She has long and curly hair and the wolf cut looks adorable on this type of hair. If you have curly hair and you want to do something extremely different with your style, this is a perfect idea.

Long Curly Wolf Cut

8. Short Wolf Cut with Less Layers

This is not a very layered wolf cut, but it still looks voluminous and cute. And of course this blow-out and the curtain bangs tie all this together.

9. Mid Length Wolf Cut with Messy Bangs

Curtain bangs are really cool and stunning, but these messy wavy bangs are also awesome with the cut. If you are a fan of bangs then you should definitely get this cut and the bangs!

Short Wolf Cut Ideas, Mid Length Wolf Cut with Messy Bangs

10. Traditional Wolf Cut on Mid Length Hair

This is the example of a perfect wolf cut with curtain bangs, little fringe and all the face framing pieces and the layers. You keep your mid length hair, and yet you get a very cool and artsy hair cut, which is very unique and different. If you’re interested in this style and you want an edgy change, this is your go to hairstyle.

Short Wolf Cut Ideas, Traditional Wolf Cut on Mid Length Hair