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10 Awesome Cut Crease Eyeshadow Looks

10 Awesome Cut Crease Eyeshadow Looks

Cut crease eyeshadow is such a fun way to spice up your makeup look. Cut crease makeup was around in 2020, and now in 2022, a lot of different types of cut crease looks are trending. It is formal, fun, beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing. And sometimes it’s harder to do than some other eyeshadow makeup looks, but practice makes perfect.

So if you want to try a very gorgeous cut crease look for a special day then go ahead and have some fun with your makeup. Grab your brushes, eyeshadow palettes, and try this beautiful trend.

Check out these amazing cut crease eyeshadow looks and get your daily styles overdose!

1. Simple Full Cut Crease with Eyeliner

This sharp line and beautiful color make this look really perfect for anything. This color is simple, but yet it’s very gorgeous. You can have this look if you are a wedding guest. Or you can wear it to your prom. Because of its sharp and precise, unique style it will make this a very formal and perfect look for gorgeous events.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow, Simple Full Cut Crease with Eyeliner

2. Black “Angel Wings” Cut Crease Look

A simple shiny eyeshadow is lined with this black liner which makes everything a lot more dramatic and cool. This can actually be a great look for Halloween. You can try out such an eccentric and cool look just for fun. And this is not very difficult. So if you have always wanted to know how to do a cut crease but you feel like you can’t make those sharp lines, you can do this type of cool and a little messy look.

Cut Crease Makeup, Black "Angel Wings" Cut Crease Look

3. Colorful Cut Crease and Black and White Liner

The cut crease is so so sharp and precise. This is a very dramatic look. This will look perfect in spring, if you are attending a wedding, for example. And the white liner is also very unique and goes perfectly with the whole colorful look. These green, yellow and mustard colors look amazing with the whole sparkly look on the crease.

Glitter Cut Crease, Colorful Cut Crease and Black and White Liner

4. Burgundy Cut Crease

This cut crease looks so perfect! This style makes the eyes really big and dolly. The color is very unique, and this type of cut crease will look amazing for your prom. It is foxy, precise and perfectly done.

Cut Crese Looks, Burgundy Cut Crease

5. Half Cut Crease with Neon Yellow Liner

These colorful liners are so trendy in 2022. And this is one of them. This color with the whole colorful look going on with the eyes is perfect for spring. And half cut crease is great for this look. Half cut crease is not so dramatic as full cut crease, but it’s still amazing.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow, Half Cut Crease with Neon Yellow Liner

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6. Green Cut Crease

Cut crease is great when it’s done with these different colors. Green is one of those colors that looks stunning on a cut crease makeup look. This look is all about this long cut eyeshadow line, and shiny eyeshadow on the crease. This will be a great spring party look.

Cut Crease Looks, Green Cut Crease

7. Extra Sharp Half Cut Crease Eyeshadow

This is kind of a half cut crease, but at the same time it’s so sharp and long that it’s extremely dramatic. So you need to cut this crease with a really sharp and precise brush and do that dramatic thick liner.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow, Extra Sharp Half Cut Crease

8. Mustard Orange Cut Crease

This is such an interesting and unique color. And the cut crease looks very perfect. Shiny crease is very trendy and I can get why. Because it’s very magical and adorable. So if you are planning to do this look you might as well spice up your cut crease makeup with shiny eyeshadow or even glitter line. Glitter cut crease is also very amazing.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow, Mustard Orange Cut Crease

9. Extra Sparkly Cut Crease with Graphic Liners

Graphic liners are so cool. And this look is perfect for a fun party or even a Halloween party. The eyeshadows are so glittery and rich, and if you ever try out this type of look you will never ever regret it. It is artsy and wonderful.

Cut Crease Makeup, 9. Extra Sparkly Cut Crease with Graphic Liners

10. Different Shades of Green

Dark green, lime green, sage green, yellowish green… These greens are amazing for this look. Green eyeshadow looks are stunning, although not everybody’s cup of tea. And the eyes look very big, foxy and this is like a bratz doll makeup. This is so dramatic that you can wear it for your special day.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow, Different Shades of Green