Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    10 Awesome Barbie Makeup Looks

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    We all have probably admired our barbie dolls’ makeup looks when we were young and used play with the stunning barbies. Barbie makeup looks have always been on point. Barbies would have those really beautiful, extra, unique and colorful makeup looks with interesting details, that nowadays a lot of makeup gurus are promted to recreate.

    There are a lot of iconic barbie eyeshadow looks, which have the beautiful pink, purple, yellow, blue colors going on, but the most popular barbie eyeshadow color is probably pink. We all associate barbies with the color pink, because it is such a feminie, girly and cute colors. And all the shades of pink have been on those gorgeous barbies’ eyes.

    Baribies usually have nude, natural looking lips, unlike bratz dolls, because all the attention here goes to the super colorful and bright eyeshadow looks. But not all barbies had the colorful and bright eyeshadow looks. If you still keep your old barbie dolls, then you can try and pay attention to their eyeshadow look. You will notice that some of the barbie dolls have really simple, natural and soft glam going on. The eyeshadow is a little shimmery, the lips are natural and nude, and there is no contour or blush.

    So our barbies used to be very natural looking, yet the others had that gorgeous party glam, which was done perefectly, and they looked iconic and phenomenal. In this post we want to present you some really cool, awesome, cute and beautiful barbie makeup looks – the modern rendition. These makeup looks will definitely brighten up your mood, as you will see a lot of colors and a lot of fun art going on. If you have always been interested in looking like a barbie, then we are here to help you. Scroll down and see which look is your favorite one. And don’t forget to get your daily stylesoverdose!

    Color Explosion Eyeshadow Look

    Barbie makeup look

    Pink and Aqua Eyeshadow Look

    Barbie makeup look

    Gorgeous Pink Eyeshadow Look

    Barbie makeup

    Pink Cut Crease with White Graphic Eyeliner

    Barbie makeup

    Radiant Pink Eyeshadow Look with Graphic Eyeliner

    Barbie makeup

    10 Amazing, Incredible and Awesome Barbie Makeup Looks to Make You Look Like a Real Barbie for Your Special Day: Pink Makeup Looks Perfect for a Stunning Barbie Doll: Pink Eyeshadow Looks, Cute Makeup Looks

    Artsy Pink Bow

    Barbie makeup

    Soft and Subtle Makeup Look

    Barbie makeup

    Neon Pink Graphic Eyeliner

    Barbie makeup look

    Shimmery Champaigne Eyeshadow Look

    Barbie makeup look

    Pastel Pink Eyeshadow Look

    Barbie makeup

    These barbie makeup looks are great, colorful and fun. If you enjoy these looks, and want to recreate them some day, then go ahead and have fun with your eyeshadows and makeup products. Makeup is a type of art, and creating looks like these is a way to rest from everyday chores and get yourself together. Doing a nice and bright makeup look will actually be much more helpful than you think, that’s why we highly recommend you to try these fun looks and have a fun time.

    But if you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, and you want to find a post that will help you find your ultimate makeup look for your important day, than feel free to click on white eyeliner looks, in which you will find out a lot about the doing a white eyeliner in different ways and including it even in your everyday makeup look. Colored eyeliner looks, which are also perfect for someone who loves bright and colorful makeup looks. These ideas can even be used in barbie makeup looks.

    Siren eyes, doe eyes makeup trends, which will basically give your eyes a different shape by illusion and make your makeup game more fun and entertaining. Makeup for green eyes, eyeshadow for blue eyes, and many more ideas and makeup look inspirations.

    Thanks a lot for tuning in and checking out our content, we really appreciate it. Hope to see you soon!

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